Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jousting and fairies....

If you have been following along for the past couple of days, you know that we recently attended the Renaissance Faire in Triune, TN.  Not only did we witness people in period dress, we also had an opportunity to observe some Renaissance-type activities.

Preparing for a jousting event.

In full regalia.

We actually watched the Royal Joust!  As I have mentioned before, the temperature on last Saturday in Middle Tennessee was very hot!  It was amazing to watch this event take place on the field in the sunshine, with the horses and riders dressed appropriately for the event.  This was the first time we have seen an event such as this, and we really enjoyed it.

Taking place in a more shaded location was a gathering of fairies.

Enjoying the shade.

They were eating a snack of apples and other fruit.

The Fairies of Covington Glen roamed about the festival grounds.  I found them most delightful!

Tuesday was a busy day, beginning first with a stop at the Weight Watchers center for my monthly weigh in.  By the skin of my teeth, I am still at goal making 4 1/2 years!  Then I headed for the Senior Center and some time playing bridge.  Today, my time is being spent with ordinary chores like laundry.:)

We are enjoying some things from the garden.  Come back for the next post, and I'll show you what we have.:)

Thank you for following along.  I enjoy reading your comments.


  1. Going to a Renaissance Faire is wonderful fun! There is one held every summer in upstate NY. Don't you love how everyone dresses up in character and how they sell the giant grilled turkey legs?

    I enjoyed looking at all your posts about the Faire, Nellie!

  2. what a great event, I have never been to something like this but feel as though I have through your post thank you for sharing, can't wait to see whats coming from the garden

  3. What fun that must have been!!!

    "Auntie's Skirts

    Whenever Auntie moves around,
    Her dresses make a curious sound,
    They trail behind her up the floor,
    And trundle after through the door."

    ~~Robert Louis Stevenson

  4. It all sounds wonderful. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

    Did you have the giant turkey legs?

  5. Wonderful pictures! One of those cute fairies reminds me of Country Girl, just by the way her hair was done! Thank you for sharing, and huge congrats on that weight loss maintenance! You are a strong lady, and I'm proud of your success! :-)

  6. First off, Congrats on the weight loss and maintenance-that's the biggie.

    I love your pictures of the fairies and all the wonderful things at the fiaire. What fun! xo Diana

  7. I have always wanted to attend a Renaissance Fair . . . it sounds and looks like so much fun, and the costumes are amazing. Connie :)

  8. The Faire sounds like a lot of fun. I think I would enjoy dressing up in costume. I am awed that you have kept goal for over four years. You inspire me!

  9. Hello Nellie....Good for you for sticking with Weight Watchers. I have a very hard time losing. Loved the fairies! Susan