Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Renaissance Fair....

Before I proceed with this post, there is a bit of filling in of some details in the last one.

A Brit in Tennessee had mentioned the Renaissance Fair that was in progress in Triune, TN, near Arrington, located between Franklin and Murfreesboro.  We arranged a visit with City Girl who lives in the "big city," and made plans to head to Triune on Saturday. 

The Castle Gwynn is the result of a dream, in 1970, of a high school student.  As events proceeded, construction on the first tower began in 1980.  The second tower was begun in 1985.  Additional portions were constructed in 2004 and 2007.  Still a work in progress, the most recent work has been repair and resurfacing of damage caused by the construction of a new highway.

I should mention here that the tapestry exhibit, one picture which I showed yesterday, belongs to Imogene Stone.

This same highway construction forced the Tennessee Renaissance Festival to relocate to adjoining property across the road in 1997.  This was the 27th Annual Tennessee Renaissance Festival, an event that occurs on every week-end in May, plus Memorial Day.  So, if you didn't attend THIS year, you will have to wait until 2013!:-)

We did, along with many, many others, enjoy the Festival.  Hopefully the few pictures I am including will give you an idea of what the event encompasses.

Directions for Festival goers.

Rules of the Realm; hard to read, I know.

Fair program - map and events.

Renaissance attire.

More in period dress.

Continuing along the theme.

A very congenial pair.

Also true to the Renaissance period.

On this past Saturday, the temperatures in Middle Tennessee were very hot!   We were all amazed at how these participants wore this heavy clothing in the heat!

I have noticed new followers, and I really appreciate your following along.  I love reading  your comments.

Next post - Jousting - and fairies!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Nellie. There is a big Renaissance Fair in Minnesota somewhere and my ex-sil and her sister go every year. They have beautiful clothes that they wear-xo Diana

  2. Thank you for the historical background; those were some facts that I did not know! I have a friend who does re-enactments of various battles, and they are required to wear certain clothing regardless of the weather. She has reported getting her crinolines very muddy during rainy spells on location! I think I would find another way to enjoy my spare time! :-) I'm glad that you and City Girl were able to experience this event to share with us!

  3. Hello Nellie....Thanks for your visit and comment today on my blog. Loved your fair photos. You are right. Those costumes DID look hot and yet the people wearing them still looked great. Thanks for sharing. Susan

  4. what a beautiful event, I love the clothing!

  5. The photos are beautiful. The clothing looks very heavy and I imagine that those wearing the costumes were very hot.

  6. The a fair in Lafayette Indiana like that...it's called the fest of the hunter's moon. I have not been to it..but would love to go. I love fairs. Thank you for visiting. Smiles, Susie

  7. What gorgeous costumes. I can't imagine how comfortable they were in the heat.

  8. Those Renaissance fairs are fun to go to. We have one here in Maryland near where I live.

  9. I haven't been to a Faire (last one and only one actually) was in Charlotte NC. I had a blast!

  10. Glad you got to attend the Renaissance Fair.... Sorry it was so hot this past weekend.. It's cooler today! Yeah!

    I have been to a Renaissance Fair (Texas) several years ago. It was so much fun --as I'm sure yours was too.

    Let us know sometime when you pass through Crossville. There's a Cracker Barrel right off of I-40--and we can have some lunch or even some coffee together...

    Great photos.

  11. You know what Nellie? It always makes me laugh to see how we start blogging and then after a while we have to go places to blog about, I love that you are doing that. I know I will never get to Tennessee but looking at your pictures is like I get to take a small trip. I just love it so much.
    I love looking at what you see and do.
    So thanks!! Also thanks for your kind comment.

  12. This looks so delightful! Wish I could have attended. And thanks for the background on the castle. Fascinating story.

  13. I'm so glad to read you made it to the festival, albeit "HOT"...
    It's a magical affair, one I look forward to seeiing each year, except of course this year, with the knee problem I had to forgo the invitation :(
    Through your fabulous pictures I now feel as if I had went along, and enjoyed all the merriment :)
    Looks like you had a wonderful day and joined in the festivities !