Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The night sky....

This post is definitely a little late to be discussing the night sky.:-)  It was last Saturday that everyone was eager to see the moon - and what a beauty it was! 

Taken on Friday evening in the country. You are able to see that, even there, there was some ground light interference.

On Saturday night, stars in the western sky.

Saturday night, viewing the moon through the neighbor's trees.
We have heard that this was the closest the moon will be to Earth until 2029!  That is 17 years from now!

Cloudy skies have made it difficult to do much moon watching this week.  Some rain has been very good for the garden, though.

This has been a busy week thus far.  My Circle meeting was on Monday night, and the UMW General Meeting was Tuesday night.  The Husband has enjoyed playing golf two days, and I had a morning of playing bridge!  We slept an hour later this morning, so that makes this day seem shorter already.:-)

Thank you for reading.  Your comments are much appreciated!

Next post - Soon.:-)


  1. Amazing that the moon is the closest it will be for all those years. It sounds like you are having a good week. I am glad you got to sleep in a bit extra. That won't hurt you onebit- xo Diana

  2. I should have watched the moon. I doubt very much if I will last 17 more years. lol

  3. This Full Moon, I didn't even try to picture it. Guess I'm getting wimpy. -chuckle- Just looked. Just enjoyed.

    You've both been busy. Good! I like the way you commented in my blog... About having things planned, to get the both of you out of the house now and then, in retirement. Excellent plan.

    "The miracle of rising yeast is a spring in miniature."

  4. Hello Nellie,
    You have been busy lately! So nice to see all your vegetables and flowers (previous post) looking so healthy and pretty.
    I would like to have heard that pipe band and bluegrass group you saw recently.
    The moon has been very bright and beautiful lately. It's wonderful to think that we are all watching that same moon from all of the corners of the globe:)
    We have been busy here helping our son and his wife move into a new home in the lovely Dandenong ranges about a half hour drive from here.
    Hope you are having a good week.

  5. How did I miss that amazing moon? Sounds like a busy but fun week.

  6. I have also enjoyed seeing that bright moon, and have wished that I had a better camera so that I could capture more detail. I have some friends who are magnificent photographers, with expensive equipment, and the close-up pictures are almost frightening in their detail! I'm content just to enjoy what my eyes can behold, for now. I don't expect to be around another 17 years for the next one, but I'm sure we'll have some other awesome sights to behold before then.

  7. Great photos, Nellie. I am glad you shared them.

    I am so annoyed that we were too cloudy and foggy to see anything. And now we have to wait for another 17 years?? Not fair. xo

  8. Well I'm glad somebody got to see the moon - I stayed up till midnight, but our skies did not clear up! Ah, well.
    And as for sleeping late - yes, it does make the day shorter, but it's necessary sometimes, isn't it?