Friday, June 22, 2012

The fun continues....

Happy Friday to everyone!  Are you looking forward to a good week-end?

My last post wrote of the carriage ride we enjoyed earlier in the week with the Munchkins.  There are a few more pictures I want to share with you.

Along the trail, the property owner has planted this grove of walnut trees!

Lovely pastoral scene.

Original home on the property.

Other horses waiting at the stable for someone to ride them.

We were lucky that the temperatures were not too terribly uncomfortable, and the trail went through several nicely shaded areas.   The Munchkins took turns sitting up front with New Husband and helped hold the reins.:-)

I recognize new followers!  Welcome!  Thanks to all of you who are reading along.  I really enjoy your comments.

More in the next post!  I hope you return.


  1. Great pictures Nellie. I love the way you phrase things such as 'new husband.' Makes me smile!!

    I hope your weekend is a happy peaceful one.

  2. Nellie, I love horses. Looks like a nice place to ride, beautiful photos.Enjoy this wonderful weekend. Smiles, Susie

  3. Lovely to see the sunshine and greenery. You must have had a great time with your family.
    Have a good week-end. Hope it is pleasantly warm.

  4. Thanks, Nellie, for taking me on this fun outing. What pretty scenery!

  5. That is some beautiful territory up there, for sure! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with us. I can only imagine the Munchkins' excitement to ride with New Husband as he led the horses! Hope you're having a good evening tonight, too. :-)

  6. what a great time, beautiful photos what a lovely area

  7. How peaceful and lovely...

    Especially like the original old home, on the property.

    One thing I wish, you would post your pictures in X-Large, right in your post. So we can see them in a bigger size, at the same time, as we read the explanation under them...

    You can crop your pics yourself. But when you add them to your post, you click on the posted pic, and it allows you to choose the SIZE in which it SHOW up in my post. :-)

    "A Weekend in the Country..."
    " comfort and quiet, seemed vary attractive. The trees would be bursting into leaf, the grass turning green, the birds beginning to sing. Perhaps the sun would shine, it would be warm."

    ~"Weekend" by Rosamunde Pilcher