Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Through the winter....

Perhaps it will help spread some cool thoughts around to think about something that was happening through the winter here in the garden. :-)

A year ago, The Husband set out some garlic.   It continued to grow through the winter.  Several weeks ago, it was ready to come out of the ground, and it has been drying in the shed.  Here you will see our garlic harvest.

Will this be enough?:-)

We have had some other things come from underground.  This is what The Husband has been working on today. 


We enjoyed these baked for dinner!

The Husband began digging the potatoes this morning while it was still cool.  He went back after dinner to dig some more, and he has just come in with another full basket!   He says there are still a few more he needs to bring in, but he will not be doing any digging when the temperature is as hot as it is predicted to be in the next few days.

I'm not sure how much baking I will be doing either,  because of the heat, so those recipes for the peaches and the blueberries may not be as forthcoming as I had hoped.  Also, it is time next Tuesday for me to take lunch to the adult day care participants/staff at my church, and I will be sharing some of those preparations with you.

I notice a new follower!  Welcome, and thank you all for coming along.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Yum! Living where everything needs to be trucked in rarely gives me a sense that things actually grow. I think I need a trip to the Farmer's Market. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. there is nothing like freshly dug potatoes, and home grown garlic, sounds yummy! Take care in the heat!

  3. Ah!! Fresh potatoes and yes, it looks like you have enough garlic to me. ;-)

  4. Oh I just love the vegetable garden!! We are quite behind you here in New England....first tomatoes are I will enjoy watching you! Stay cool!

  5. Those potatoes really do look quite good, and I'm sure you will find a use for the garlic WITH the potatoes, perhaps with some of those green beans from yesterday's post all cooked together...with some tomatoes on the side and some berries in cream or milk for dessert....yes, that sounds quite delicious to me! I'll be there at 5:30 tomorrow! ;-) Stay cool!!

  6. Take care of yourselves in this heat. The veggies can wait rather than risk heat stroke! I will enjoy hearing about your adult day care meal! xo Diana

  7. Potatoes and Garlic in your garden.. That's neat!!! But you all are smart not to do much outside in these temperatures. Even us here on the Cumberland Plateau are getting those horribly hot temperatures... Yuk...

    These next several days won't find me anywhere near the kitchen... It will be cold-cuts for meals!!!

  8. great harvest!!!!!
    love and hugs regina

  9. i just dug my garlic yesterday! i did not plant potatoes last year but i guess we missed some and they grew anyway. it is almost time to dig them up. this weather is just awful!

  10. Your gardening is really paying off!!!!!!!!!

    "Warm summer sun, shine kindly here.
    Warm southern wind blow softly here."

    ~Mark Twain

  11. Wow! Those potatoes look beautiful and delicious!

  12. Your potatoes and garlic are fantastic!!!