Saturday, June 23, 2012

Still more fun....

I hope everyone is enjoying a good Saturday.  We are busy with the usual.  The Husband is working in the garden, and I have prepared zucchini for the freezer. 

Earlier in the week, when the Munchkins were in town, I have shared some of the fun we had with their aunt and new uncle.  Today, there are a few more pictures to share from that day.

Country Man (New Husband) has staked the green beans.

That's a lot of corn!

Meet Strawberry and Olaf!

Star is late for the picture.

The dogs were not in the mood for picture-taking.:-) 

The Country Couple will really be busy with their garden this year.  The soil is very good, and there is no red clay to bother them.:-)

Thank you for reading along.  I really appreciate your comments.

Have a great week-end!


  1. I am enjoying the pictures Nellie. Please keep them coming.

  2. Loved the pictures and the story behind them. (((hugs)))

  3. Oh and the boys here till next I'm late sometimes.

  4. Looks like Country Man has some really great gardening skills! I would say that Country Girl will be doing some canning or freezing soon, unless they decide to set up a roadside stand! Love the horses, too, and they look very peaceful at home. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the photos. You and your hubs do keep very busy, especially in summer! Take care, Nellie, and thanks for your visit and comment to my blog, too! Susan

  6. Lovely corn! I remember a field of it opposite our house in Princeton NJ & running wild thru it. Before we left in '72 it had been built on ;(

  7. Hooray for all that coming corn!!!

    Around here, it's not that high, yet. Well, what we have seen isn't. I guess the corn with we look forward to eating fresh soon, must be that high.

    Love the pics of horses. But I am afraid of horses, for real. Never got used to them, and they look so huge, that I have fear. Not a good way to approach any animal. -sigh-

    "Partners do not need to hold on tightly,
    because they move confidently in the same pattern,
    intricate but gay and swift and free."

    ~Anne Morrow Lindberg

  8. That is a very nice garden and I am glad they are having such a nice time it really is a very beautiful place.

  9. Nellie, That is a very nice and big garden. I just visited Amish conutry last Tuesday. I saw a bunch of beautiful gardens..I have to garden in pots because I am not into big gardens for me. LOL (lazy) Smiles, Susie