Monday, June 4, 2012

King of our castle....

For some of you, your pets have played a big part of your blog.  I haven't said a lot about ours, so I want to introduce you to the character who thinks he is "King of our castle."

Never knew he was camera shy!

The best he could do to show his "best side."

Our Shadow is not a house cat, never has spent much time in the house.  It is surprising to many when they learn that he is 20 years old!  His birthday is April 24.  On the day I was taking pictures, he was not in a cooperative mood at all.:-)  His domain is actually the garage, and he enjoys the pass through that is in the door so he is able to go outside when he wishes.  As older cats begin to do, he spends much of his time asleep, venturing outside only when the temperature and sun are just right for him.:-)  When we moved eight years ago, he still had energy to follow The Husband as he went down to the garden and the building in the back of the property.  As Shadow has become older, he seems to gaze wistfully as The Husband heads out back.  I think he may have some arthritis that keeps him from walking longer distances now.

That's about it for us today.  I have spent my entire morning in the kitchen, preparing for the Adult Day Care lunch that I provide on the first Tuesday.  That will be the focus for the next few posts.  I have a recipe or two to share with you, and I will try to get a picture of the plate as lunch is served.

I welcome a new follower, and thank you for coming along!  I truly enjoy your comments.


  1. he's a very handsome fellow indeed, there 's something so calming and accepting in an older cat.They seem to just go with the flow, he's lived to a good age,

  2. I love the name "Shadow" for an all black pet. He seems really sweet. My pets were a huge part for me in blogging, even in my blog name! I need to do a bird post soon. xo

  3. What a majestic cat. 20 years is quite an accomplishment. Our girls adore our two cats and our kitten (Luna) has been making our 8 year old cat move more than she's moved in years. We've been nicknaming her the "trainer".

  4. awwww...cute kitty! mine lived to be 20 and 21. can't wait for the recipes!

  5. Shadow is such a special kitty. I remember him as a kitten and how he loved shoulders, especially the shoulder of MunchoMom. You are quite blessed to have him around at this age, and I'm sure he is happy to be there. Always looking forward to your recipes and menus for that adult day care dinner! :-)

  6. Shadow is amazing. He has lived a nice long life. I know how he feels if he has arthritis. Poor thing.

    I am looking forward to the recipes.

  7. He is SO adorable! Doesn't look 20 years old. He's in great shape. Little camera shy kitty. ;-)

  8. Not many kittie-cats like to pose for the camera. You did well, with Shadow. ,-)

    We had indoor cats, back when we had them. And I used to get gray hairs, worrying about them. Worry over them getting out and being hurt/lost, I mean. -grin-

    "Hoe while it is spring, and enjoy the best anticipations.
    It is not much matter if things do not turn out well."

    ~Charles Dudley Warner

  9. Cats are such loves. One who is 20 years old is a special treasure I would think. Thank you for telling us about Shadow.

  10. Twenty! How wonderful! :) I once had a rabbit named Shadow. How dear your cat looks. :)