Monday, June 11, 2012

Progress with the garden....

Do you see our first red cherry tomato?

The cantaloupe is blooming.

Green beans already?!?

The asparagus patch has really done well this year.

This onion looks about ready to come out of the ground.

Taking a break in the zucchini posts, I thought you might enjoy seeing the garden's progress.  The Husband works very hard in it to keep the weeds at bay.

One practice we follow is to use no pesticides at all.  This is truly an organic garden, with the soil enriched only by our compost. 

We did enjoy those green beans for dinner while City Girl was here over the week-end.  There are more to come, as well as more zucchini!  Aren't you excited?  The next post just may return to something tasty with zucchini!  Always looking for sneaky ways to get vegetables into our diet.:-)

Thank you for reading, and your comments are appreciated!

Tune in again for the next zucchini treat!:-)


  1. You and your zucchini. You are so funny, Nellie. What a good looking garden and very weed free- xo Diana

  2. your stuff looks wonderful! i will have my first red tomato either tomorrow or the next day and it is a big one. i use no chemical at all. i make compost tea and my plants love it.

  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, a ripe tomato!!!

    Husband does good work, and it's paying off. :-)

  4. I can tell how much he works too. I have worked at 4 hour stretches every weekend to get caught up and I finally made it this weekend.
    Your garden looks great!!!

  5. Your Husband always takes great care of the garden and the rest of the outdoors at your home! He just has that knack for those chores that are so necessary for successful gardening! Everything is looking beautiful, especially that pretty little cherry tomato! Those are so wonderful in a green salad as well as in other dishes that you have served. Looking forward to your next sneaky zucchini recipe!

  6. Your garden is looking good! We never used pesticides on our garden either.

    I am ready for a BLT!

  7. So enjoying seeing your garden. Just wish I was closer for a little snack. Thanks for all of your good wishes.

  8. wow- tomatoes already coming in? Lucky you! The last couple of years here where so bad for tomatoes that I didn't even bother planting any this year!

  9. Your garden is just fantastic. We are weeks and weeks away from produce. Keep the recipes coming!

  10. Your veggie garden is doing great, Nellie. I do see that cherry tomato. Neat!!!

    My son in GA called last night and is so excited about their garden...

    Hope you have a nice day. We had hoped to get some good rain this week--but most of it has missed us.

  11. your garden is looking good.wonderful you have the first red tomatoes.i like your zucchini post.
    love and hugs regina