Thursday, June 21, 2012

Week of fun....

Happy Thursday evening to you who are following along!  It has been several days since I last posted.  Munchomom and the two Munchkins came on Monday, so we have been out and about having fun.:-)  I took LOTS of pictures!:-)  As I loaded them onto the computer, I realized there are about 25 of them!  No worries, though.  I won't be posting all of them at once.:-)

As I said, they came on Monday, and we went to meet them at Country Girl's for a picnic and other explorations.  Country Girl lives in a small town near the mountains, and there are some special summer tourist attractions.  We took time to take a little walk across a swinging bridge that spans the Little River.

We had to go in two separate groups across the bridge.

There were several people out enjoying rafting on the water.

Rafts left on the bank.

Do you see several in the distance?

The buses and trailers that come to pick up everyone and the rafts.

New Husband manages a riding stable, so we had a special treat!  The pictures below will show you.

Are you able to guess what we did?

This was the perfect horse for the job!

Now, do you know?

We went on a carriage ride!  It was the first time the Munchkins had been on a carriage ride, and they really enjoyed it.  Thankfully the trail went through some shady areas.  It was a very hot day!

It has been a wonderful week having them visit.  They have enjoyed helping The Husband with the garden, plus playing in the sand box.  They left today to return to their home, and the house already feels like it is missing something.:-(

Is it hot where you are?  Let me know how your week has been.  The Husband has been watering the garden, particularly the blueberry bushes and the tomato plants.  We could really use some rain, but I don't know when that will come. 

I really appreciate those of you who are following along, and I enjoy reading your comments.

Come again!


  1. I'm sure the house does feel rather empty after the week's fun you've had! I'm a bit jealous, as all of my "munchkins" are 1500 miles away, and we don't get to see them often. I'm happy for you, though, and I know they had a great time visiting! Speaking of heat, I saw a cartoon that I'll try to email to you. It has an ear of corn talking to an ear that has already popped, complaining about the heat. Pretty cute! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your lovely visit to the stable!

  2. What fun you all had. I don't have any grandchildren and I would have loved having some.

    The cold front went through here today and dropped our temp about 15 degrees but we got no rain at all and now the chance for rain has moved to the east. Everything is getting brown here.

    I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your pictures.

  3. It looks so nice and what a lot of fun things to do. Yes, it has been hot here but it is getting ready to cool off for a couple of days.
    It has been over a hundred for the last week so now it will cool off and I will freeze. :)
    It will be lovely though. I hope your garden is doing great.

  4. Looks like you had a nice visit with family, Nellie. Glad the kids had a good time.

    Hot here too--and we have been watering the roses. The rains just go around us. We're desperate for some...


  5. A carriage ride! What a special treat. I'm sure you've had all having all kinds of amazing adventures this week.

  6. what fun...i would love to go tubing and on a carriage ride. is it hot where i am? well, if you consider hell hot! because, i live in hell. i don't know that it can get much hotter and humid. give me 1 drop of rain or a cloud and i would be much happier!

  7. Oh a carriage ride! How delightful. Everything there, looks like a delightful change. :-)

    Here we welcomed Summer, with very hot temps. Since we are *olden,* we are very happy to have installed wall units, which provide both A/C or heat.

    No full house A/C in this older house, and we hated the putting-window-A/C-units-in-and-taking-them-out. 2 units do downstairs, and 1 unit in our bedroom upstairs.

    The pool is open for him and kids and grandkids and their friends. Myself, I just look at it, and take pics. Never learned to swim. :-)

    "We sat in the garden, I indolently reading...
    We had the best display of flowers yet seen--
    wall flowers in profusion, columbines, phlox, and...huge scarlet poppies."

    ~"The Diary of Virginia Woolf"

  8. This looks like a lot of fun, Nellie. I like your pictures, too.

    I went on a carriage ride in Central Park in NYC years ago. An Irish fellow drove it.