Thursday, August 23, 2012

Any collections?

Were it not for the "collections" that inhabit our home, we might have room for something.:-)  It is easy to store/display some of them.  Others seem to pose a challenge when we try to find them a spot all their own.  You have seem parts of my "collections" in past posts. 

If you have noticed some of the seasonal decor I have pictured, you have realized that I have more than one or two Beanie Babies!  This post will feature only a portion of them, plus give some information about why I have some of them.

I was a 3rd grade classroom teacher when the Beanie Baby "craze" began.  We all heard the stories about how they would become "extinct" after a certain point, and that they might prove valuable through the years.:-)  Well, that was never an influence on me; however, I did begin to develop a liking for some of them.  Those that I chose, though, had to have a special meaning.


Of course, we all know the significance of the Bald Eagle here in America.  He had a prominent place for display in my classroom.

Do you remember Templeton from Charlotte's Web?  That was one of my favorite read-alouds to my class.

Blurry leopard:-(

The Leopard was our school mascot, nominated and voted on by the students when the school was first opened.

We love to see ladybugs in the garden, of course.  However, I chose this one because it is our official state insect!

The raccoon hasn't always been good to have around in the corn field.  Last year, they had quite a feast with some of ours.  However, the racoon is the official Tennessee state animal, and that is why he was chosen.

The Munchkins have enjoyed playing with these Beanie Babies.  There have been times when the Eagle has actually taken flight.:-)

Anticipating/preparing for upcoming holidays seems to be the subject of some of the blogs I have been following.  The next post will feature some preparations here, but for what holiday?!?

Thank you for reading.  I really enjoy your comments.


  1. I never collected Beanie Babies but my sister had a huge collection of them.

    The next holiday is what? Labor Day?

  2. My daughter's old roommate had a huge collection of Beanie Babies. Her Mom worked for the company that made and distributed them so she had some that were quite rare. It's amazing how crazes come and go, isn't it? I am glad you let the kids play with them-even if it does mean the eagle "flies" once in a while.

    Blessings to you- Diana

    Early Fall decorating will start around here around Labor Day but not before- xo Diana

  3. I did not know about your collection of Beanie Babies, or I could have possibly added a few significant ones over the years. As a matter of fact, that might still be a possibility---we shall see! I was not aware of the significance of the ladybug or the raccoon for our fair state, either, but I have a Canadian friend who would LOVE to strangle a bunch of raccoons who get into her cat trailer and destroy everything she has set out for the feral kitties she takes care of. Anyway, it is good to know about these matters, even if we might never be on Jeopardy! :-)

  4. No collections for me. So I never have to dust them, place them, move them, store them, etc. ,-)

    Since the first Holiday coming up, is Halloween, I'd say that one is the first to prepare for.

    And that goes along with Welcome Autumn things.

    Then comes Thanksgiving, and then Christmas.

    I am not one to rush things, so I don't worry about holidays in the future. :-) But some people spend all year, preparing for Christmas.


  5. I like your Beanie babies, I never was into that craze. My kids were all small then. I do have lots of things I collect but before anything it was books. I am pretty proud of my 1st editions. It is nice to read about yours. Since school started it is hit and miss for blogs for me I hope to get caught up this weekend.

  6. Bet you were a wonderful teacher... I worry that so many teachers these days don't have that passion that you have/had.....

    By looking at your collections, I probably would have guessed that you were an elementary school teacher. ha ha


  7. Gosh, I see those everywhere at yard sales now for like .50¢. Isn't it amazing how we all bought into that big expensive craze! lol
    big hugs,