Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to the kitchen....

When I said, "Back to the kitchen," I didn't exactly mean I was going back to my own!:-) 

The Husband and I celebrated 43 years of marriage on August 16, and we took advantage of the opportunity to allow someone else to work in THEIR kitchen for us!:-)

My dinner!

We traveled to a nearby town for dinner at a restaurant on the waterfront.  I chose a broiled seafood trio.  There were three scallops, three shrimp, and tilapia, plus collard greens and a baked potato.  It was absolutely delicious!

The view across the lake.

The water was surprisingly clear.

It was just at dusk. Can you see these are boats?:-)

This was our first time to this particular location.  We were definitely pleased and have said that we will return someday for lunch.

Now, I actually have returned to OUR kitchen, and I will feature that on the next post.

Thank you for reading.  I really enjoy your comments.


  1. Nellie- We share the same anniversary date! I have a post going up about our anniversary later this week. We have 37 years in now. We didn't even go out to dinner because of Lulu's party and then hubby had to go off for the weekend- xo Diana

  2. Oh, that definitely looks peaceful, and your plate looks delicious! I'm glad that you had the opportunity to have someone else cook for you, but I'll look forward to seeing what you're been up to in your own kitchen as well! :-)

  3. happy anniversary! that is a loooong time!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!

    Your celebration dinner looks delicious. I love sea food, especially shrimp.

  5. Happy anniversary and wishes for many more years of health and happiness. The dinner and the setting look terrific.

  6. Hi Nellie! Congratulations on your anniversary. Quite a milestone, I would say.

    Your dinner sounded delectable and the photos were lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Also, thanks for your visit to my blog and comment, too! Soooo nice you come to say hello. Susan

  7. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful evening! Our anniversary in this coming week...I can't wait to eat from someone else's kitchen


  8. Belated Congratulations on your Wedding Ann.

    Lovely dinner at a lovely place! Especially with the water view...


  9. congrats on 43 years of wedding bliss! you are very blessed! and so fun to go to such a pretty place for a great meal together! yum! enjoy your day!

  10. Ah that looks so good. I just might have to go out to eat tonight!! : )

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  12. I THINK I know where you both dined..I think.

    Happy Anniversary dear friend. xxoo