Saturday, August 25, 2012

What holiday?

As I was an elementary teacher, I was always ready for the next holiday that would be coming along!  It was evidenced in the illustrated numbers for the daily calendar, as well as by the themes of other displays in the classroom. 

Not only did I "trim" up the classroom, I also enjoyed having a few appropriate-to-the-season decorations around at home.  But - never did I have THIS on display in August!

What kind of music?!?  

Yes, it's Christmas music!  Many of you may remember that I sing in the Senior Chorus at a nearby Senior Center.  The director finds venues for us to perform, and we rehearse once a week.  We had a few weeks off during the summer, and when we returned on August 16, this is what we began rehearsing!  The calendar is already rather full with scheduled performances!

Not only are we thinking about Christmas music, most of us (we have had a few new faces join us for this season) will also be performing the program from the spring a couple of other times this fall!  So, we have a busy time ahead of us!

I am composing this at 2:50 EDT on August 25.  Has it occurred to any of you that Christmas is actually four months away from today?:-)  There may be some of you who are following this blog who do not actually celebrate Christmas, so that may not be meaningful information to you.  Thank you for reading along anyway.

Next post - Coffee, Tea, Chocolate?

I appreciate each one of  you and really enjoy your comments.


  1. I would love to hear your group sing! As for Christmas music, I have a lot of it loaded on my iPod along with my other music so I am listening to Christmas music all year long.

  2. LOL- I put the same thing at the end of my blog today, too, Nellie! FOUR months till Christmas. And you are practicing already? Wow- xo Diana

  3. the whole year seems to drag and right now i have four months to do a gazillion things. why couldn't they have stretched this stuff out better?

  4. Oh, I always look forward to Christmas! I've had several big red bows for many years, and enjoy attaching them to various places---the mailbox, bottom and top of the rail on the porch steps, even one on the swinging "thing" between our apartment and the one next door. I think that one is meant to have a hanging plant, but my brown thumb does not lend itself to such growing things. :-( I will wait till at least Thanksgiving before putting those bows out, but they surely do make the place look brighter! As for the next post....chocolate! :-)

  5. I love Christmas and for its Spiritual meaning, not gifts.

  6. Nellie, I've just had a conversation that the Jewish New Year is three weeks away. I am giving a dinner in two weeks for my bible study group before one of the services. I've got to get going on the menu! While I don't celebrate Christmas I do exchange gifts with a number of friends who do celebrate it and I do participate in activities at work. I was chatting with another friend on Friday that I am hoping to be more organized this year and do some shopping in the next little while.

  7. Oh no! Please don't remind us that Christmas is only 4 months away. -grin- We have lots to "get through" before then.

    Some.... to enjoy. Like Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    Some to dread.... Like the election (love to vote, worry about outcomes) and "The End Of The World Mayan Calendar Jazzzz." Eeeeek! Can you imagine the HYPE which will surround Dec. 21st?!?!?!


  8. My husband used to sing in a men's Choir. Reading your post made me remember all the work that went into those performances. They would go off flawless but it did not just happen.
    You will be busy but what fun to sing those songs.
    You are always so busy Nellie.

  9. Lovely post, Nellie:) I too would love to hear rehearsal:) I haven't thought about it but now that you mention it, four months isn't very long, now is it???

    Thank you so much for sharing...