Thursday, August 2, 2012

That's not all....

Happy Thursday afternoon to each of you!  How has the day been where you are?

In my last post, I shared some of the Longaberger items that I like to display during the month of August to illustrate our awareness of the continued fight against breast cancer.  Those are not the only items that are in my "supply." 

Sorry for the darkness.

I have particularly enjoyed the tall water bottle, as well as the one with a handle.  The mug is often used for my afternoon "tea break."  If  you have been following the blog for awhile, you will have discovered that I have several Beanie Babies appropriate for the seasons.:-)  Accumulating these is something that began when I was an elementary classroom teacher, and of course the Munchkins have enjoyed them through the years.:-)  I have bought these things at various places in the past, and I like to be on the lookout for others to add.

The next post will feature another method of supporting breast cancer research.  I hope you will return. 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Happy Thursday afternoon to you too Nellie. You have quite a collection.

    I support breast and all cancer research and if I ever hit the lotto they will be among the first to know.

    I hope no one there holds their breath though. ;-)

  2. We had a hot humid sunny day where I live in MD.

  3. Happy Thursday Nellie! Gee my day went by so quick:) Your Beanie Bear is so cute. When I had my store, there was a vendor who only sold Beanie Bears. Boy did those little "guys" fly out the door! The only Beanie I have is a puppy name Luke. When the kids come to visit, my grandson Noah usually sleeps with him, lol...

    Thanks for sharing...

  4. I love the Beanie Babies of all types! When I was working for the Low Vision Center, we would go to Atlanta each year for the Optometrists' convention, and there was always a vendor who had Beanie Baby Beagle pups to give out. They were always adorable, but since we could only have one, I never was able to pass them along to my grandchildren, and I still have them here. I do love the idea of supporting cancer research, and we are all hoping for a cure soon.

  5. Love your Beanie babies. My dd's roommate had over 100 of them at one time. You are such a good supporter for breast cancer, Nellie. God bless you for that- xo Diana

  6. I am sorry that my present blog look-size-etc. does not allow you to easily read/see it. But I totally understand!

    Thank you much, for telling me.

    Gentle hugs,