Friday, August 3, 2012

Race for the Cure....

Happy Friday to everyone!  Are you anticipating a good week-end?

When I was a child, my favorite physical activity was to sit in a chair and turn the pages of the book I was reading.:-)  While I enjoy several sports, it is purely as a spectator and not as a participant.  So, it was a challenge when I became a Weight Watcher to find an activity that would help use up some of those calories. 

Walking was the activity I chose.  After a time, I began to give thought to working in some light jogging with my walking.  This might not sound like such a huge deal, but I was 69 years old!  I decided I would also set a goal of participating in the Race for the Cure, sponsored by Komen, that is held in our town.

T-shirt and scarf for participants.

This is the shirt and the scarf that were given to those participating in 2009.  I was pleased that I finished the 5K in less than an hour.

The second t-shirt and scarf.

These are from 2010.  What was enjoyable about this one is that City Girl was able to be in town to participate with me.  We finished in less time than I had finished in 2009!

Because of a conflict with a UMW responsibility, I was not able to participate in 2011.  There will be the same scheduling problem this year as well.

We continue to hope for successful research in finding a cure for this dreaded disease.

I thank  you for reading, and I enjoy your comments.


  1. Congratulations on participating in the Race for the Cure!!

  2. You have become amazingly fit in the past few years, and I am proud of you! We all would love to see a cure for this dreaded disease, and for many, the cure will come too late. We pray that the breakthrough will be right around the corner!

  3. Wow truly are amazing! That is such a great achievement and yes it is such a good cause! Bless you...


  4. That's so great that you were able to use your walking for two great causes and two great goals! Happy Friday to you as well. ;-)

  5. That is so great!! I am looking forward to doing something like that, only I am hoping that my town will sponsor a Zombie run. I just think that would be so much fun.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.

  6. You are one heck of a "chick" Nellie!!! You have lots to be proud of. Much congratulations coming your way too!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  7. What a good cause and good for you, participating in the walk.
    I'm a fan of pink and I like the T-shirts and scarves.
    Hope you are well and not too hot.

  8. CONGRATULATIONS to you, for taking this up, later in life.

    I have never tried participating in any kind of a "walk/race." But I do hope to add more walking to my life. When the ding-dang-weather stops being so humid, that I can't step out the door, that is. -pout-

    Oh and I am so glad, that you can read my blog, with more ease, again. With the bigger pics, and all.