Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Favorite places....

Are you the same way we are?  We will be driving on the way to somewhere - on a tight schedule, usually - and pass places saying that we'd like to stop there sometime, or go back there sometime, and "sometime" never seems to come!

Well, I took some time recently (while The Husband was playing in a Golf Tournament) to head out to some of my "favorite places."

Need I say more?

Libraries and bookstores - two places that are able to keep me occupied for a long span of time!  Little Munchkin has had her sixth birthday, and a new book was in order!  Well, I'm not showing the books I bought there, but I was truly excited about this:

Susan Branch!

These were on sale!  It is not an easy thing to find Susan Branch's products in our local bookstores, and I was thrilled to find these.  There were other purchases, of course, and I hope a few children will be happy with my choices.

Something that is causing some excitement in our town is the opening of this:

Hard to believe!

I did not think I would ever see a Trader Joe's open in our town, but here it is!  I've already been twice!  I was really happy to see this:

I made other choices at Trader Joe's, but I thought this was more interesting than the Arugula and Fat Free Cottage Cheese!:-)  Lite Kettle Corn - a yummy choice for a snack!

Last, but not least, was a stop here:

Another bookstore.

This is also a favorite bookstore, and one that I depend on to have something meaningful and inspirational.  I chose something for the young family who lost their six-year old son, as well as something for The Husband!  Shh!!  Don't tell him!  We have a special occasion coming up later in the week!  That's why there's no picture.:-)

So, those are some of my favorite places.  The next post will be August all around!

Thank you for reading.  I really enjoy your comments.


  1. HA!!! It must be genetic!! I can wander around in a book store for hours, as long as my legs and feet will allow it! Your part of town is quite blessed, actually, to be getting a lot of the stores that this area has not had before. Perhaps, one day, I'll have to set aside a few hours and prowl through some of them, since they seem to overlook my part of the countryside. I'm sure those children will enjoy your choices of books for them!

  2. I love Barnes & Noble. Good choice to wander around and just look. I buy too much though.

  3. OH My Goodness... In my working days, I really could spend the money at Cokesbury--and I did!!!!! These days I don't read as much --but if I went back to a Cokesbury, I'm sure I would buy something!!!!


  4. Oh isn't sad but true? All those local area places, which we "are going to visit, sometime"... And we never do.

    You put this to rest! It's time all your Dear Readers did the same! Use this post as inspiration to get going in 'our neck of the woods'! Go see all those places, which we have been "putting off doing."

    Gracious yes!

    And Hooray for the wonderful things you found! :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  5. I love bookstores too! I look forward to seeing all those books we couldn't see ....when the special occasions are all ove! Joan

  6. I like all of those places too. :)
    It is nice to see where you go.

  7. Book stores and libraries - ah yes, happiness. : )