Monday, August 6, 2012


What?  What is that, you may be asking.  Well, it stands for "More Than A Vacation," an event that is planned by my college for alumni, their spouses/friends, and family.  The 2012 edition began on August 1, and The Husband and I were in attendance. 

Our welcome to registration, and the dorm where we stayed.

Greater number than usual registered; this was called the "annex.":-)

Yes, that's a full moon!

The moon actually set the theme for our first night.  Author Kathy Shearer spoke about her book, "Tales from the Moonshine Trade."

I graduated from Emory and Henry College fifty years ago.  City Girl, Country Girl, Munchomom,
and Machoman are also graduates.  City Girl decided to attend MTAV this year, and it was good to have her nearby.

Of course, you won't be surprised to know that I forgot my camera one day, and that the battery "died" on another day.  I do have other pictures, and they will be in future posts.

For the next post, I will try to remember to take the camera and photograph the served plate at lunch for the adult day care participants/staff at our church.  Tomorrow is the day for that to happen, and I have been busy with those preparations much of the day.  That - and "vacation laundry" - have kept me hard at work today.

Thank you so much for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I love the buildings on your college campus! Many of them are quite old, but have been kept up very attractively, and I'm sure they are comfortable for these MTAV events. City Girl was undoubtedly a great charmer with the others who attended this time away, as she is just a delightful young woman to be around! I'm glad you got to go and enjoy the time, and look forward to seeing your next post, with or without pictures. That lunch will be delightful, for sure!

  2. What wonderful buildings on campus. How much fun it must be to go back there to visit. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Blessings- xo Diana

  3. How fun to meet up with old friends, especially on a pretty college campus!

  4. Hi Nellie....Sounds like a fun time. Thanks for your visit to my blog today and your comment, too. No more sssssssnakes for awhile. ha ha ha Susan

  5. It all sounds like great fun to me. I love getting to see old friends.

  6. Oh Nellie. I will have to Google your college and see where it is. Loved seeing the pictures. Can't wait for more.

  7. That is so nice. I really like looking at those pictures. Your picture of the moon is great though.
    I hope you don't work too hard today.