Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August all around....

Let's see what things are looking like around here in August!

The chives are blooming!

Knock-out Rose has new blooms!

Crepe Myrtle!

Do you see the butterfly in the rose bush?  There was a smaller one that I didn't recognize in the chives, but it flew away before I could get a picture.

Blooming sweet potatoes!

The Husband says some of the sweet potatoes are actually ready to dig.  The recent rain has kept the ground too wet for doing that particular garden chore.

The first watermelon!

It was really exciting to see that the first watermelon was ready for harvesting.  Alas and alack, though!  It was not as we had hoped.:-(

Barely pink inside.:-(

The watermelon just didn't have that redness in the interior.:-(  Plus, the flavor was not good at all!:-(  So, it was chopped up and added to the compost heap!  There are others still on the vine that we hope will be good.

There is still much more to show about August.  That will come another day.  The next post will be about heading back to the kitchen!:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I just typed a LONG long comment and Google said "We're sorry, there seems to be an error. Try refreshing the page to see if that remedies it." Well, I did not think to copy my comment forst and of course, it's gone. :-(((

  2. First, not forst. Typo. One of my sons is a middle school teacher in Charlotte, in NC.

  3. Katie, that happened to me the other day, too! VERY frustrating to think that someone actually missed out on any of my precious words! :-)

    I don't know whether my sis will remember my one attempt to grow tomatoes or not. It was over 25 years ago, and we had the "perfect" spot in our back yard, so I got some lovely little plants and set them out when they were healthy and large enough. Made sure they were well-watered, even staked them when they grew too large to stand on their own. Those were the prettiest plants I have ever seen!! How many tomatoes did we get? ZERO, zilch, nada!! Not even ONE tomato off those gorgeous plants!! They didn't even get blooms on them, so when people advised me to pinch the blooms off, that did no good. Well, I never tried again, and never did figure out why I never got any tomatoes from those lovely stalks! Oh, well.... Hopefully, you will have some good watermelons as they keep coming along. Everything else in your yard looks wonderful!

  4. I love watermelon. How disappointing that it didn't have any flavor. That happens even with supermarket ones sometimes- xo Diana

  5. I'm so impressed that your garden has continued to do so well. We've given up. Between the drought and Mr. Groundhog, it just didn't happen. I can imagine what yummy recipes you have in store with your sweet potatoes.

  6. yum! i love garden goodies! sorry the watermelon wasnt good maybe the next one! enjoy your evening!

  7. I am sorry your watermelon wasn't good. You have a wonderful garden! I just bet the next watermelon will be perfect!

    My mom always made watermelon preserves. Have you ever made any?

  8. Hi Nellie...Sorry about the dud watermelon. At least the compost pile will like it! The rest of the offerings look great! Congratulations!. Thanks for all your visits and comments on my blog. Love having you stop by. Susan

  9. Love your knock out Roses and I plan to add a few more to my Rose bed next spring. Also Love your name and my only daughter is named Nellie (after my grandmother and she was due on my GM BD and was in fact born on her BD...It is such a pretty name and not just another Jane Doe name like a lot of others :)
    I will be adding you to my blog list now to so I can follow new posts when you post them. Hope you will visit my blog also

  10. I always thought it was just us, I have never been able to get a watermelon dark red, always pink.
    Cantaloupes just fine by never watermelons.
    It looks nice for August. I can't wait to see your sweet potatoes.

  11. Oh my, look at that blooming Sweet Potato vine!!!! So cooool. And unusual, to me at least. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  12. Ah too bad about the watermelon. I'm sure the sweet potatoes will make up for it.
    I love sweet potatoes!!

  13. Your garden is looking wonderful and lush !
    The Knock Out Roses are quickly becoming my favorite "no fuss" plant.