Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday thoughts.....

How do you reach out to those you know when they are experiencing sorrow?  Do you wonder what are the "right words" during this time?  Do you feel like there must be something for you to do to help offer comfort, and you aren't sure what that "something" is?  There will be times when you might have these thoughts, as there will be friends/family who will be in need of comforting.

Sadly, we found ourselves on the receiving end during the month of February.  During a time of bereavement, we became very aware of those who reached out with several comforting gestures.

Whether in the form of cards......

....or the gift of flowers or a plant, such gestures become very meaningful and comforting.

In addition to the voiced expressions of caring, there was something else that continues to be a comfort.

Have you heard of a Prayer Shawl Ministry?  Our church has a group that gathers and knits, crochets, or quilts shawls which then have prayers offered over them for the recipient of the shawl.

This is one that was given to my husband, and it has brought - and is continuing to bring - great comfort to him.

Sometimes we are unable to come up with words that we think are just right for the occasion.  Often, a special hug or a simple "I'm thinking about you" will be appreciated more than you might think.  One of the greatest blessings we have is knowing that there are others who care.  Being present for others during their difficult times is always a good thing! 


  1. One of the stories I recall is of a little girl whose best friend had lost her dad. Someone asked her what she said to her friend, and she simply said, "Nothing. I just sat and cried with her." It's hard to know what to say, but letting them know that we're praying for peace and comfort is very meaningful to them. I continue to keep the two of you in my thoughts and prayers. Love you, Sister!

  2. Knowing that someone care is a great gift at a time like this. The gift of presence and a hug goes a long way to comfort the grieving.
    Wishing you and your husband comfort and courage at this difficult time.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. I'm sorry to hear of the sorrow that has visited your husband, Nellie. In times such as this I feel the best thing I can do for a friend is pray for them if at a long distance. I liked what Glenda said above--Sitting with someone and crying together is truly an act of love. Sending prayers to you and your family. xoxo

  4. Sometimes there are just no words to say but a hug says it all.

  5. I find that people often don't know what to say or do when confronted with comforting someone over a loss in their life. You are right- just a hug or "I'm so sorry" will do.
    My husband was gifted with a prayer shawl when he was being treated for his cancer (cancer-free 3 years and on my blog today). He still uses the prayer shawl. xo Diana

  6. I'm glad your husband is benefiting from the prayer shawl, Nellie.

  7. My wonderful friend Carol's daughter died recently. Dee Dee was born the day before I was. I called Carol and told her I love her and that if she wanted to talk about this horrible loss she could say whatever she wanted to me.