Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Construction progress....

We continue to have a really lovely fall here.  Still no frost and none is predicted in the next several days. 

The nice weather has been good for construction projects around here.  I shared the beginning of this one with you several weeks ago.

Approaching the bridge.    

This is the route we take when leaving our community to go on various errands.  You can see that it is a two-lane road with no shoulders, that it is curvy, and that it heads up a hill.

Sorry the wording is blurred.

This is the bridge that is being improved.  The work is being done to take the curve out of the road. 

A big machine!

Isn't this a strange-appearing machine?  There is progress being made!  Sometimes the crew is there on week-ends working.  

The archway made by the trees.

I had this picture on the blog a few months ago showing the green trees making a cool archway as we reach the top of the hill.  There is a BIG drop-off on the right side going down to the creek that the bridge showed earlier crosses.  We really have to keep our attention on what we are doing when we are driving on this road.

We are still enjoying pumpkin here.  There will be another treat with pumpkin in the next post.  Stay tuned.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Hi Nellie...It's nice to see you have lovely autumns in Tennessee, too. Thanks for your photos! Also, Nellie, thanks for your visits and comments to my blog. Love it that you faithfully stop by! Susan

  2. We have had numerous frosts here and one hard freeze. Today though is sunny and 55 right now.

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  4. I certainly am glad that the bridge is being widened and the curve straightened out a bit! Those country roads that used to carry very few cars have become more popular in recent years, and these improvements should make travel more relaxing for all who must use them. Looking forward to your next pumpkin goodies! :-)

  5. Ahhhhh, this kind of 'construction'!

    Yesterday, a post with this Subject Line showed on my blog-with-the-blogs-I-follow. But it was not complete, and did not take me to a post.

    I thought perhaps you meant that you were doing blog look construction! ,-) But nope, it's continuation of the local construction.

    Wow, I'd fear driving parts of that road, in winter weather. :-(((((


  6. I like watching construction work. I guess I'm still a kid at heart! : )
    We've been have a beautiful fall here too - very unpredictable weather but still beautiful.

  7. I've only seen roads like that on vacation and haven't had any vacations in recent years. It's beautiful! Coming from someone with flat roads, with lots of traffic, it would be a welcome change.