Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Was there bread?

I have taken you through the lunch served to the adult day care, with one exception.  You may be wondering if bread was served.  Yes, it was.  I planned to serve the Parmesan Dill Batter Bread that I entered in the fair.  I have posted that recipe on the blog.  Well, all things don't go as we would like them to go.  For some reason, the bread didn't work this time.  A new thermometer is on my Christmas list.:-)  I fear the liquid was too hot for the yeast.  Anyway, The Husband is enjoying it toasted.:-)

So, if the bread wasn't going to be an option, what was to be done?  I relied on Bisquick!  I added Parmesan cheese and dill to Bisquick and made Parmesan Dill Drop Biscuits!:-)

Thank goodness!

Time was really a factor, which is why I chose the Bisquick.  I'm sure I could have added the Parmesan and dill to my usual biscuit recipe. 

We had some time recently to visit Munchomom and family.  She served us some delicious butternut squash ravioli for dinner, a la Giada de Laurentis, and she has posted the recipe on her blog.  Go visit at Muchomom.com, and you will see what I mean!:-)

Many of you are into pumpkin at this time, and I never did finish up with apples!:-)  There are a couple of apple recipes that I want to share with you in the next couple of days, then it will be on to all things pumpkin.:-)

Thank you so much for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh that looks SO good! I LOVE that flavor in biscuits and bread! YUMMY in the tummy! And apples and pumpkins..Oh MY! Mom made some pumpkin bread a few days ago. She makes it year round.

  2. You can bring on Apple recipes, at any time! :-)

    Hooray for Bisquick. They even make it Gluten Free.


  3. I'm quite sure these were delicious, and you probably had very few left over for The Husband to enjoy at home, so it's good that he's enjoying that bread that didn't quite work out as you had planned. This reminds me of a time or two that I have made ham/cheese drop biscuits, with no particular recipe, just adding some finely grated cheddar and chopped ham to my normal recipe. Those have always been a hit when I have taken them somewhere, too! At a church we used to attend, there was a snack time before Sunday School, and the ladies signed up for their turn. I always tried to take something salty and something sweet, and those biscuits were always devoured! Thanks for passing along this idea, and we'll also look forward to any other recipes that you choose to share!

  4. Those biscuits look so good! I always keep a box of Bisquick on hand.

  5. Nellie, those biscuits look yummy, pass the butter please. I am wanting some pumpkin bread...my daughters make it now and compete to see who makes the best.:):) Smiles, Susie

  6. Good 2nd choice, Nellie. the biscuits look yummy... Bet they were delicious...

    We made bread last night.. It was Italian Cheese and Herb bread. YUM....

    Cold here this week... We've had a fire in the fireplace all week... LOVE it.

  7. I love Bisquick biscuits... especially cheddar! We used to make beer biscuits ALL THE TIME!

  8. Nellie, these biscuits look so good, I'm sure your friends at the Senior Center really enjoyed the Bisquick ones.


  9. Hi Nellie...Bet the people who enjoy your lunches LOVE them.

    Oh, Nellie. So glad your sis is following my blog. What is her name?
    Do you tell?

    Take care and have a wonderful Wednesday. Susan

  10. Susan, in case you see this, my name is Glenda, but for some reason I've not been able to update my identity on Blogger. Anyway, I'm "Unknown" sometimes by those who know me! LOL

  11. Boy Nellie you really know how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. These biscuits are fabulous and I bet the folks LOVED them. I know your dillie bread is marvelous but girlfriend these look pretty darn delicious too!! N.