Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our tax dollars....

The weather has been really nice here, and The Husband and I decided to take a picnic supper to a nearby park one afternoon.  We walked along the walking trail (a half-mile) and enjoyed being out in the nice weather. 

The beginning of the trail.

Fall's beauty along the trail.

This is a county-operated park, so it is good to see how our tax dollars are working to give us a place to enjoy nature.

The dock.

When we first arrived, someone was sitting on the dock reading.  By the time we left, a photographer had come to take a picture of a family, using the dock for the setting.

Beach volleyball, anyone?

There were no players on this particular afternoon.

Picnic pavilion

Play equipment

The pavilion may be reserved by groups for special events, and children would enjoy the playground.  There is lots of sun as it is moving to set in the west.

It was great to take the time to enjoy being outdoors on this day, and I hope you have been able to enjoy good weather where you are.

There are other pictures of fall scenes I want to share with you in another post.  I hope you will return.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. It's nice to have a pretty place like this almost all to yourself. Nice to see tax dollars put to good use, too. xo

  2. That has become a very lovely place over the years, and the folks who live nearby are fortunate to have it. Thank you for sharing this great spot with us!! :-)

  3. a terrific place to spend a fall day!

  4. A very lovely place to take a walk. You got some very nice shots Nellie!

  5. I'm sure you already know that I'd love to take a walk there. : ) Glad you had nice weather to enjoy your walk.

  6. wow looks like a fun, big park with alot of things to do. nice to have an area like that, good for you getting out and enjoying one of the last nice weather days for awhile. enjoy your day!

  7. Beautiful place. If one lap is 5 miles, I'm not sure I'd make it.

  8. This has been a perfect week to get out and enjoy nature, hasn't it been? We loved our trip on Tuesday to the Foothills Parkway... Perfect day!!!!!

    Great park and so glad you shared it with us.

  9. Hi Nellie...What a nice idea to have a picnic with your hubs! Sounded like a great time. Susan p.s. Thanks so much for your visits and comments to my blog, Nellie.

  10. How pretty, thank you for sharing. That park looks so nice and clean. You are so lucky
    I can't wait to see more autumn pics.

  11. Lovely photos of a lovely area. And yes, so nice to see tax dollars really doing some thing neat!!! For all.