Monday, October 15, 2012

The first harvest....

Good Monday morning to you!  Was your week-end a good one? 

We have had our first harvest of our planting of fall greens. 

Oops! A little blurry.:-(

This is a mixture of kale and spinach mustard.   We also have lettuce that is about ready for picking.

Our favorite way to prepare the greens is in a pan with garlic that has been sauteed in olive oil until fragrant.  The greens don't need very much water, just a couple of tablespoons or so, then I cover the pan, and let them steam a bit until they are tender.  They will wilt, of course, and cook down.  Sometimes I like to add balsamic vinegar to my serving before I eat them, but usually I just enjoy them without anything added.  Having fresh greens is one thing I remember most about my childhood.

Unfortunately, there are little critters helping themselves to our greens!  This is the first time for that to happen with us.  A frost would surely help, and it wouldn't hurt the greens at all - just discourage those critters.:-)

Are you doing much cooking with pumpkin or apples these days?  Coming up next will be a recipe that uses both!  I hope you will return.

Thank you for reading.  I enjoy your comments.


  1. Those greens look wonderful, and I also remember them from childhood! Too bad about the critters that seem to think you planted the greens just for their enjoyment. :-(

    The only cooking I have done so far with pumpkin has been pancakes, and they were quite delicious! Mixed a few chopped walnuts with the batter once, then put pecans in another batch. YUMMMMM!!! Looking forward to your ideas, because they are always tasty! :-)

  2. i wish i had been smart enough to plant some fall greens! i do have chard but that is all.

  3. Oh how delightful! To have a second crop.

    And your way of cooking them sound yummy toooooo.


  4. I haven't done much baking at all lately. I'll have to remedy that soon.
    I've just been eating my apples raw.

  5. Greens when I was a kid was dandelion greens, wilted in bacon grease. I still remember picking those dandelions.

  6. Hasn't been much cooking around here and the only thing I could harvest, is dust. We have bumper crops of it!

  7. I will be back, your greens sound good.

  8. I bet your house smells fantastic when the greens are cooking with the garlic.