Thursday, October 4, 2012

To another site....

The Husband and I really enjoyed attending the Country Fair last week-end.  There were other events underway in the same small town, and we visited another site for what was called "Old-Timers Day."  This is similar to the event we attended in the spring.  There are numerous groups of "pickers and grinners" in various locations around the grounds playing bluegrass music. "Jamming" is the correct term, I believe.:-) 

There are, of course other options available.

Tents with crafts.....

and MORE crafts!

Did you notice the appearance of the sky in these photos?  Just seconds after I took these pictures, the sky opened up, and down came the rain!  We were already underneath a canopy eating our lunch, so we were protected.:-)  What was really amazing was how those people on the grounds just kept on walking around in the rain! 

Of course, the rain didn't last the entire afternoon, and it wasn't too long before we could see this.

The mist rising.  

The sun actually appeared not long after this, and the day continued with no more rainfall.

This season is a marvelous opportunity to attend special festivals/fairs/craft shows, and we were glad we could take advantage of these this year. 

I promised recipes at one point.  They are still on the way!:-)  Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. we were supposed to get that rain but it went east of us. the fair looks like lots of fun!

  2. Can't let a little rain ruin a good time. : )
    Glad you enjoyed the day.

  3. The fair sounds like a lot of fun! I enjoyed the pictures.

    We are to get rain this evening and tonight and the high tomorrow at only 52. Frost predicted then for the next few nights.

  4. It's so wonderful that you were able to enjoy as much as you did before the rain descended. I have friends who are at Disney now, and they have had a show canceled twice because of rain! We'll continue to look forward to those recipes, but not holding our breath! :-)

  5. looks like it was a fun day (even with the rain)! Glad you had a nice time!


  6. That is definitely an ominous sky, which would have kept me and my camera, inside. Good thing you weren't such a wimp!

  7. Hi Nellie...I love going to fairs and flea markets,and just about any kind of event. Thanks for sharing your excursion. Sounded like fun. Also, thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comment, too! Susan

  8. I'm like Mrs A. I too would have walked my camera away under cover. I am a wimp par exellence.

  9. Hi There, We have a VERY busy weekend since my son is getting married..... Should be TERRIFIC.

    Love those kinds of Fall Festivals or Fairs... SO much fun. Sorry it rained though...


  10. I've loved visiting the fairs with you Nellie. And seeing the clouds and threat of rain were still beautiful. I can almost smell the air. I really love that smell. I'm so glad you posted these photos. It even makes it more real to me clear across the country. N.

  11. Awesome pics... But I'm glad you were under cover, when the deluge hit. :-)