Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just for fun....

Quite a number of years ago, we made our yearly visit to an out-of-town friend and her family.  On her counter was this:

It was filled with seasoned popcorn!  I was really taken by it, and returned home to find out if I would be able to locate one here!  Luckily, someone told me of an employee at the local high school who worked on pottery pieces for her hobby!  I don't keep seasoned popcorn in mine.

It is ready with treats to hand out on Wednesday night!

There are some books that I enjoy during this Halloween season.

For children.

These books are always popular, though, regardless of the season.

More for children.

Then, there are these books:

Martha and Gooseberry Patch


Happy pumpkins!

You may have wrapped a hot dog to create mummies!  They have been a big hit with the Munchkins! 

The pitcher was a gift from a student in my school-teaching days.  I was lucky enough to find the mugs at Dollywood in a special seasonal gift shop there!  Not for the dishwasher, however!  I have used black permanent marker to replace the eyes, nose, and mouth on a few of them.:-)

It is very difficult to watch the news of this storm.  Many of you who follow this blog are affected in some way by it.  I send you my thoughts and prayers as you have prepared the best you could, and now you must be ready to take what comes your way.  I will be relieved to hear from each of you as soon as you are able to let us know how you are.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate  your comments.


  1. We're making hotdog mummies and mac-n-cheese tomorrow night. Your Halloween mags are currently sitting on my nightstand. Halloween hugs!

  2. Nellie, My girls would have loved those mummies when they were little. I like the pitcher and mugs. Smiles, Susie

  3. i almost forgot that tomorrow is halloween with all of this storm stuff happening. we got 4 inches of rain with 3 more on the way. my roof is leaking but it is not nearly as bad as they predicted. schools were all cancels. i have 150 treat bags sitting here and i don't know how many trick or treaters i will get.

  4. The news reports are awful! I'm thinking, praying and keeping my fingers crossed that all my blog friends are doing okay.

  5. Very nice Nellie,
    I really like those cups. Those books are very nice. I am so glad you are not in the midst of Sandy.

  6. I love your pitcher and mugs AND your pumpkin. What fun-I have not made those mummies since our kids were little. The grands here would really love them. The storm is scary, indeed- xo Diana

  7. We were so lucky! Kept power. Not much rain. Lots of winds though. But not so as to take out power.

    Love all your Halloween things! I thought it was going to be cancelled/postponed here, but my city is fine, so it will be the same.

    And I will get to wear my purple hat. :-)


  8. xox Mommy and I say fanks you for the love and well wishes fur my brother. He has listened to his Human Vet so far. xo

  9. The Halloween pitcher and cups are so cute!

    I have candy ready for tomorrow although we don't get many trick or treaters here.

  10. I love the hotdog mummies! So cute. I can't wait to do more stuff with my Grand!! I too am so sad about the effects of this horrible storm.

    hugs, Linda

  11. My mom used to have a ceramic pumpkin just like that except it had the carved face intended to put a candle inside. And I remember several of those books!! Good memories, thanks. :-)

  12. Nellie,

    I love the pumpkin ..I can see why you wanted one just like it!! And the pitcher and cups are adorable!

    Happy Pumpkin Day!

  13. My thoughts and prayers are also with those who have lost so much property because of this monster storm. Several of my Facebook friends are without electricity, and have no idea when it will be restored. The statistics are staggering, and I cannot even imagine what they are going through as they assess the damage.

    I'm sure your Wednesday night visitors will be pleased with their treats! :-)

  14. Oh, Nellie, the little pumpkin mug set is adorable! Really sweet.

    We are doing well in western Mass. Very messy, branch and debris-covered lawns but that's nothing compared to some people. God help them. Susan