Wednesday, October 3, 2012

More than games....

The Country Fair was held on the grounds of the Heritage Center, near the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  There are buildings from the times of early settlers, and there was much to be learned as we walked through this part of the Museum.

One particular cabin, serving cornbread baked over the open fire, housed a family with TEN children!! There was just one main room on the lower level, with a bed, dining table, and the fireplace.  The older children would have slept upstairs, with the parents and any smaller, younger children downstairs.  A trundle bed and/or cradle would have been used for the small children.  On display in this cabin was this lovely corner cupboard.

Blue Willow china.

Although the housing was very primitive, these residents considered storage of their possessions to be an important concern.  The corner cupboard provided room for storage while not taking up as much room in their small living quarters as a different style cabinet that used more floor space.

Part of the Museum had a special display of quilts.

Choosing a favorite....

 is definitely....

a very difficult....

task before us....

....and we decided -

- that we would be more than pleased with either of them!:-)

We were instructed to not use the flash on the camera, so I hope you will be able to see this next one.

Would you like a ride in this.....

...."surrey with the fringe on the top?!":-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh, so many lovely quilts! That surrey with the fringe on top reminds me of that old song, too! Thank you for sharing more of your visit to that Heritage Center with us!

  2. I LOVE things like this. The cabin, quilts, cars, you name it. I am fascinated with this sort of showing. Wish I had seen it too.

  3. Ahhh yes! The difference between older forms of "home," and the present Ideal of "home." They had so little space. Today, many have so much more space, than needed.

    Guess using flash, can injure fabric or something.... But I get the idea of the surrey with the fringe on top. :-)


  4. The quilts are lovely! And, the cabin sounds fascinating.

  5. a wonderful place. i think i have that many quilts or more!

  6. All of your fair shots are wonderful and it looks like so much fun. I am so glad you took photos. I never remember the camera.

  7. If only those people could see the HUGE houses so many people live in now a days!!!

    Love all those quilts!! So very pretty!!

  8. I always had a soft spot for a corner cabinet. Beautiful quilts, too. xo

  9. My Mother had an entire set of Blue Willow china, from before I was born. My Dad didn't like hanging onto things that weren't being used and gave it to someone to put in a garage sale. The nerve of that man! Sure wish I had it!

  10. What GORGEOUS quilts. And I do love the blue willow china!! So glad you went to that fun country fair. I would have loved to have been along! N.