Friday, April 5, 2013

Another favorite....

I have spent a few posts on children's books recently.  This is another one about one of my favorite authors who is still writing books and making trips to libraries - Jan Brett.  She has a fantastic website where she has her creations available - at no charge - for printing off for children to enjoy.

Oops! Forgot to straighten this one!:-)

Did I mention that she also does her own illustrations?  See the ones in the margins of the book below.

 And - a lovely fold-out page here!
There are others shown below.

These are by no means all that she has written.  One that I love is "The Wild Christmas Reindeer."   She also wrote "The Mitten" and "Berlioz the Bear," just to mention a few more.  You are sure to find many others if you go searching.  They are such good books to have in a children's library.

As for my reading progress, I have completed "From Preparation to Passion" and am just about finished with "This Will Be Remembered of Her."  That gives me three books on the UMW Reading list this year!

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Beautiful illustrations! I am always looking for good children's books!

  2. Beautiful illustrations!!

    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Such charming illustrations! That, to me, is one mark of a well-written children's book, as the pictures help the child to visualize what's happening. I often wish there were illustrations in some books for grown-ups, too!

  4. Oh what lovely, charming illustrations. So colorful and eye catching - really nice!!!

  5. The children's books are lovely Nellie. They would be most suitable for my younger granddaughters. I will see if they are available on line.
    Sorry I have missed commenting on your recent posts. I've been catching up with them. Your recipes look delicious.
    Thank you for your always welcome comments on my blog. I've been having problems in the past several days with pictures not showing up. I will ask family to have a look over the week-end.
    Happy days to you and yours.

  6. What wonderful books. I LOVE children's books -especially those with whimsical illustrations-xo Diana

  7. Beautiful illustrations .They must be delightful for children to look at and read.

  8. Oh gosh I had forgot about Jan Brett. I used her coloring pages with my kids were small.
    I could spend hours on her website. I will have to tell my girls. Thanks for the reminder. She was a favorite too.