Thursday, April 18, 2013

More on the wall....

As I seem to be on a trend of showing some of the decor around here, there is some more to share.

The Husband was a rural mail carrier, and there were a couple of talented artists on his route. We were really pleased when one of them gave us this print.

Lighting wasn't right when the other dogwood pictures were taken.

The reflection from the windows in this room makes it tricky to get pictures.  If you look closely in the picture to the right, you will be able to see the shadow of my hands holding the camera as I took this picture.

A sideways view.

I had to take this one with a sideways view because of the lighting situation.  Anyway, this print was purchased at a Habitat for Humanity Silent Auction that our church held a couple of years ago.

More Iris.

This was purchased a number of years ago from a parent of a child at the school where I was teaching.

Memorial Chapel at Emory and Henry College.

This picture was a gift from the Muncho couple.  This chapel was opened in the fall of my freshman year there.

Pat Buckley Moss has done this view of the chapel.

Pat Buckley Moss did a couple of things that the college sold to benefit a learning center.  Perhaps there will be a day when the other one will make it to the blog.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. You definitely have some lovely and meaningful artwork in your home! Thank you for sharing some of it with us. Have a great day, Sister! :-)

  2. Nellie, Love your floral pictures. I have seen some of Moss' work in a place in Kokomo, years ago. enjoy today. xoxo,Susie

  3. Are those Pat Buckley Moss originals? I always enjoyed that artwork. I also really like the other ones you have. Very pretty.

  4. What great pictures. I love that they have memories attached to them. That's the best part. xo Diana

  5. I truly love these. I have great sentimental attachment to paintings or prints which were given to me, or that I purchased along life's way.

  6. lovely!!!

    and the reflections in the glass covering pictures, can be very, very interesting, in themselves.

  7. Really like the iris picture. Very pretty.
    My step dad was a letter carrier and my mom worked in back sorting.
    That's where they met. : )

  8. You have a beautiful collection of prints, Nellie.

    Long ago I used to collect plates with illustrations on them and I recogniced the Pat Buckley Moss drawing right away. Her artwork was very popular. I took all those collector plates with me when I moved, as I still enjoy them.

  9. Lovely picture all with such special memories. I don't have many pictures but my mother has and, as she's 92 I've been taking notes about where she got them or who gave them to her. It blesses her to know that her treasures (as she calls them) will be looked after when she's gone!
    Thanks for sharing your 'treasures'. Joan