Saturday, April 6, 2013

A little "crafty...."

Happy Saturday!  Do you have some good week-end plans?

I could not be described as a crafts person by ANY stretch of the imagination!  However, there was a period in my life when I actually did a craft project!:-)

No, it wasn't this one!

This is a sugar mold egg, made in two halves, then "cemented" together with royal icing.  While I know how to do these, this is not one I made.  Do you see the cute little duck that is inside it?  A long-time friend of 50 years made this a number of years ago, and I have carefully wrapped it through the years to help it stay around.

Nor are these my efforts.
 Country Girl created these a number of years ago when she was still in school.  They are very delicate, as you can imagine, and I am very careful when storing them.

Now - this is mine!

This is a "Crystal Egg!"  For many years I directed the students in my class to make these at Easter time.  It was a project that needed parent helpers, and I was fortunate to have those.  Not only did I do this project with my students, we also made them in the Girl Scout Troop!  This is the only one  I have remaining from all those years ago.  As you can see, I trimmed them rather simply just with rick-rack, but sometimes they were a little more elegant.

Pearls and ribbon adorn this one.

The last one is even sitting on a cloud!

It was fun to make these with the students.  We used Leggs hose eggs to package them for taking home.  The parents were really surprised and appreciative!

These are materials you would need:  jumbo size eggs, paraffin, crayon pieces to color the paraffin, curtain rings (for the base), tacky glue, white glitter, rick-rack, lace, etc. to trim the opening, and the miniature animal to position in the paraffin inside the egg. Oh! Can't forget the pair of manicuring scissors that pecks the hole (not too small) in the side of the egg in order to shake the egg out before rinsing it out and trimming the oval opening.  Melted, tinted (with the crayon pieces) paraffin is then swirled on the interior of the egg (it may feel hot!), and the little figure is settled into a pool of paraffin in the bottom of the egg.  When set, tacky glue is rubbed all over the egg, followed a showering of white glitter.  The egg is then balanced on the curtain ring, and trim is adhered around the opening.  Let everything dry well before attempting to move it to very many places.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. How absolutely precious! I'm sure the students/parents appreciated such a special Easter treasure.

  2. I had not thought of those in years. I remember my hubby's grandmother making the sugar eggs and I remember seeing some of the other ones, too. So cute. What a great class project...but lots of work, too- Have a great weekend- we are off to a seminar tonight- xo Diana

  3. Awwwww so cute! All of them.

    What wonderful memories you have, of your teaching days. And your students do too! :-)

  4. Maybe... The first pic... The sugar mold egg, with the cute little duck inside...

    Wonder if... You placed it, so that sunlight was flooding into the egg... And the little duck inside, would be lit by the sunlight... And take a pic of it, that way...

    I know! I am fascinated by techniques of photo taking... Trying them out *at home.* -grin- Not everyone is as "hooked" on this, as I am. So pay no attention to me, when I go over-board. -giggggles-


  5. oh gosh! such a great lil hard..craft! id break the egg for sure!! i bet everyone liked them and have also saved them year after year! enjoy your day nellie!

  6. Awwwwww, so cute, Nellie. Love all your eggs. The duckie sitting on a cloud is my fave. Adorable. Great job!

    Hope your weekend is awesome.

    Thanks for all your visits to my blog. Love when you stop by. Susan

  7. You have always been very artistic, and that shows up in your wonderful cake decorating! These eggs are adorable, of course, and I'm sure they have been treasured by those who received them from your students and girls in the scout troop! I'm afraid I have very little patience for this sort of thing, but I really appreciate the work of others who create such items for us to enjoy.

  8. You did a great job Nellie !
    I so admire crafty people, such imaginations....
    My daughter makes the most beautiful wreaths, and quilts, and sews and woodburns, and anything she puts her mind to, I plod along :)
    I can only imagine the fun you had with the students in making this project !

  9. Your student projects with the eggs are so pretty. I think you must have been a much loved teacher Nellie.

  10. Oh they are so cute. Must have been fun to make them!

  11. Oh what a nice craft. I think I would have like to have done that too.
    It looks really nice.

  12. I truly LOVE these. It reminds me of the few craft projects I used to do. That was when the kids were young. Now, I seem to have all the crafts if you will, gone. But I LOVE those eggs and I have to say those last two just take my eye.

  13. Oh wow these are incredibly creative!I love the one of a duck sitting on a cloud