Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time for another one....

Do you remember back in March when we celebrated Country Man's birthday?  I mentioned then that he had started off a series of birthdays in our family.  So - today we have a repeat of this.

"Whose birthday is it today?" you ask.  Please join me in wishing The Husband a very happy birthday!  For two days I was an "older woman.":-)

Maybe he will have a chance for something like this.

Hopefully he will share some of it with me.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Happy Birthday to the Husband!!!

    To him; "How did it feel to have a *cougar* for a wife, for a couple of days?!?!?!?!?" -giggggles-

  2. (*cougar* - Older woman with younger man)

  3. I like the above comment! lol Happy Birthday, you have really been celebrating a lot these days. That cake looks awesome. xo

  4. Lots of fun birthdays in April! Tomorrow is my guy's birthday so we will celebrate with a nice dinner!

  5. I'd say his chances are very good!

    Happy Birthday, Husband!

  6. That cake looks absolutely scrumptious, and I'm sure The Husband will enjoy every bite! Maybe he'll even let you have some?? Tell him Happy Birthday for me, please! :-)

  7. Happy Birthday to the husband!! The cake looks delicious!

  8. Gosh you do have a lot of birthdays and this week too. I hope your husband has a wonderful day.

  9. Happy Birthday to the husband. : )
    That banner is getting a lot of use!!

  10. How fun! Birthday blessing to your hubby.

    PS. Spring finally arrived this weekend. We broke 70 today! A first since October.