Wednesday, April 3, 2013

But wait! There's more!

Yes, that's right.  There have been some other things that have been going on!

Maundy Thursday service at our church.

Easter breakfast at Munchomom's house.

A chocolate bunny treat!

Eggs dyed by the Munchkins!

Edible Easter basket grass for the Munchkins!

Picture Day for the women's chorus.

Sparkly earrings made by one of the members.

The Lady Vols played Oklahoma....

...and won!

Yes, we went to visit Munchomom, Machoman, and the Munchkins for Easter.  City Girl was able to come, and the Country Couple came just for the day.

The director of our chorus set picture day for last Thursday.  We have only two more rehearsals before our first performance.  We have added another song - "The Impossible Dream."

I am composing this in advance, so the outcome of the Lady Vols game with Louisville on Tuesday night is not known.  I will simply close out by saying - "Go Lady Vols!":-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Love all your photos, taking us to events, in your life. Love them!

    Oh those cute eggs, make by the "kiddies"!

    Pretty outfit for the group photo!

    -sigh- the Lady Vols didn't keep going, on Wed. night.

    Here, we watch for ND, UCon, and Syracuse. Where diff family members went. The Girls of ND and UCon are still at it. :-) And the Syracuse boys are still in the running, I think. He follows the last games, more than I.


  2. Well, now that it is Wednesday morning, we know that our dear Lady Vols did not defeat Louisville, who is still fired up over their win against Baylor! I'm quite proud of the season they've had, though, with Holly Warlick as the coach for her first season after Pat Summitt stepped down.

    You have had some exciting times, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed that day at the Muncho/Macho home! :-) Munchomom is a lot like her mother, I believe! Have a great day!

  3. In my comments, you asked about the possibility of Blogger going...

    Please go to my post, look for the Label (below post) of BLOGGER WATCH. Click on that Label.

    It will take you to all my posts, which deal with my worry, that Blogger will eventually be discontinued.

    And telling why I made a Word Press blog for an "Auntie sezzzzzz..." blog. To learn WP, just in case.

  4. You can buy eatable Easter grass? I have never seen that before.
    It sounds like you had a nice weekend and a very busy week.
    Cute earrings.

  5. I have heard about the edible grass. I wonder what it tastes like. ;-)

  6. I've never heard of edible grass. Looks like colored spaghetti. : )
    Have you tasted it?

  7. Like your outfit, It's a classic color combination. Your food always looks tasty.xoxo,Susie

  8. Looks like you have been busy! I bet you are excited about our upcoming first performance. That should be great fun! xo Diana

  9. Oh, Nellie it looks like you had a wonderful time on Easter! You are so busy and gifted! Wish we could hear you all sing..I'm sure it's beautiful!


  10. Hi Nellie, We had services all during Holy Week also. Wed. we had the Stations of the Cross; Thursday was Maundy Thursday; Friday was Good Friday; Sat. night was the Easter Vigil --and of course Sunday was CELEBRATIONS.

    Your women's chorus sounds good... Is that through your church? I assume that it is.

    Never heard of edible Easter Grass... Mercy Me!!!!

    Lady Vols had a good year --better than expected.


  11. That's the second time I've heard of edible Easter grass - a good idea!

  12. Mom, we enjoyed having you all with us for Easter so much! :) I love the earrings!