Wednesday, April 24, 2013


One day recently, when I stepped out the front door, I immediately heard the sound of buzzing.  It didn't take long to discover the source.

The blooming holly bush!

There were MANY buzzing insects of various types making their rounds on the blooms of this bush.

Holly bush with berries.

Those insects were certainly doing their job!  They would fly from one holly bush to another, intent on the process of pollination.  Now, I am no "spring chicken," but this is the first time that I had observed this process with these holly bushes.  There are not many red berries in this picture, but already there have been more appear on the bush!

Mother Nature at work!

I hope this Wednesday is a good one for you.  There is a birthday we are celebrating here today.:-)

Our cat is 21 years old today! 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate  your comments.


  1. Birthday blessings to your cat! 21 years is quite amazing. Enjoy your spring weather. Rumor has it we will finally have a dry warm weekend. Yippee!

  2. I have a old kitty like that. He is about 17 but I know the look. Amazing how some years the pollinators are interested in things you never noticed before.
    It wasn't until I got my bee hive that I began to notice all of the different kinds of pollinators that there are in nature.

  3. Nellie, I love all your blooms and berries. Wow---a 21 year old cat. Growing up, we had an old Tom cat for 14 years. I thought that was old. Nellie, it is still raining her and we have had another 1 1/2 inches,we sure do not need any more here . Take care and enjoy that cat.xoxo,Susie

  4. 21 years is a long life for a cat. Happy Birthday!!

  5. It's hard for me to believe how quickly the years have flown by, as I remember Shadow as a tiny kitten, so adorable as he climbed up to the nearest shoulder! He doesn't do much climbing these days, but he's still adorable, and you are blessed to have him around. Happy Birthday, Shadow! :-) Oh, we have some buzzing around the holly bush near our bedroom window, too!

  6. happy b-day kitty! my house is surrounded with holly bushes and the bees have a blast with them!

  7. We can learn something new, any day. Or notice something new. :-)

    Happy Birthday to your very "olden" kitty cat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your cat, Nellie. 21 yrs old, huh? That's awesome.

    Yes---the bees and critters are buzzing these days--looking for some good lunch somewhere.

  9. Shadow, blessings and love to you sweet darling boy. Kisses and snuggles and treats. Love and huggles.

  10. wow, lots of blossoms,
    Happy birthday to the old fella, he's showing his age, we had one old fella live to be 21, he slipped away in his sleep, I hope the same happens to your old one,

  11. Happy Birthday to Shadow. Wow 21!

  12. Happy Birthday to Shadow. Here's to Still Kickin' & Enjoyin Life at 21. You must take good care of him.
    My cat Toby will be 20 on Saturday. She is a bit skinny & frail like Shadow, totally deaf & a bit of Alzhimers , but she's still getting around, demanding treats and clawing my (formerly) best chair, so we know she"s doing fine. Shadow looks like he enjoys being outside now that Spring has arrived. Boy, he has long nails!
    We gave toby an Early present of a pet heating pad and she loves in. Demands that I unplug it in the living room at night and take it to the bedroom for the night. Watches to make sure the light come on to confirm I turned it on too - very demanding. It really seems to have help with arthritis pain & made her comfortable.
    Hope Shadow has a good time celebrating his special day at well over 100 in people years.

  13. Happy Birthday, Shadow!

    One of the few photos I've managed to shoot since Mike has been sick, is the bees on our bluebonnets. They were really working it!

  14. I can't wait to hear some buzzing around here. It is still really cold. Your cat looks good -not many live that long- Happy 21st Birthday- xo Diana