Friday, April 26, 2013

Some favorite books....

It isn't often that an author who writes books suitable for older readers will also be able to write some suitable for younger readers.  Today I am sharing an author with you who has done just that.

Books by Jan Karon.

I became a fan of the Father Tim series by Jan Karon as soon as I read the very first one!  It soon became my mission to keep up with each one, as soon as it was printed! 

There are also children's books that she has written.

Who among us doesn't need encouragement?

Cynthia Coppersmith's contribution.

You have probably learned by now that it is difficult for us to part with books!

I hope you will enjoy your week-end.  After several pretty week-ends in a row, there is a prediction for rain  here.  A perfect time to curl up with a good book!  I hope you have a good one to read!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments. 


  1. I remember, as a teen and young adult, following Earle Stanley Gardner and looking forward to the next adventure of Perry Mason! Then, when our son was younger, the Hardy Boys were a necessity, just as Nancy Drew was for our daughter. Now, I don't have any that I follow so much, but there are dozens that I would love to follow if I had the time! It is almost impossible for us to throw away ANY book!

  2. Yep, I am a big fan of Jan Karon. I just love every single one and I think I have read At Home In Mitford at least 20 times.
    My girls are all big fans too.
    When things settle down, I need to spend some serious time in Mitford.
    I am so glad you love them too.

  3. I will keep an eye out for Jan Karon books now. Thanks, Nellie. Hope it doesn't rain for too long over the weekend. Weather is finally shaping up nicely up here, too. xo

  4. Nellie, Enjoy your book and your weekend. I am hoping for another nice day like this one. We have a wedding to attend, that'll take some time.But hopefully I can get some seeds planted. xoxo,Susie

  5. Bet you furnish your grandchildren with all of the GREAT children's books. That is SO neat --and SO important for children..

    Have a great weekend.

  6. I have some books that I hold tight. Mostly though, as soon as I read them I donate them to Goodwill.

    Have a lovely weekend Nellie!

  7. Quite a nice collection! Mine are an eclectic mix of miscellaneous authors, from my days of reading, depending on my mood.

  8. We are finally having some beautiful sunshine here in Wisconsin. Spring is in the air. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  9. A favorite author of mine, too. Happy reading. So appreciate all of your kind notes. Have a great Sunday.