Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A good season....

How is your week progressing?  This is the mid-week point already!

The blueberry season here has been a good one.  As we have more than one variety, we are able to have fresh blueberries about two months.  They have been enjoyed in pies, muffins, and the usual treats, though a new one was added this year!

Blueberry Dump Cake!  Here is is ready for the oven!

The recipe comes from TheSouthernLadyCooks.  I contacted her for permission to include the recipe on my blog. Unfortunately, she did not respond positively.:-(  So, if you want that recipe, you will have to do a search of her site for it.  I'm sure many of you have baked those Dump Cakes before, so you would have an idea how to proceed.

Here it is, just out of the oven!

See all that yummy goodness!!  This was definitely my favorite recipe using blueberries this summer.  Can't you just imagine how this would taste with ice cream or whipped cream?  Oh, my!

Baking dish - Longaberger Traditions.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh, how yummy that would be!! I have enjoyed many dump cakes, and they always go well with ice cream. Of course, around here, ice cream does not need any accompaniment! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister! Love you lots!

  2. YUM! We eat the blueberries too quickly for me to make anything out of them! This year I snuck a couple of packs in the freezer so I could have them to make something with them later in the year. Can you believe I have never made a dump cake. I have, however, made a cobbler. Wish I had some right now!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Why would someone "share" a recipe, if they weren't willing to actually "share" ? I would think as long as you linked it to them, it wouldn't be a problem, for heaven sake. Guess it's good you asked, or it might have created a real ruckus. I won't be searching for her site. Anyone that could respond less than positive to YOU, doesn't warrant my attention.

  4. Wow Nellie, I don't think I have ever run into someone not saying yes about posting something on a blog.
    Praying for you. I woke up with you on my mind. :)

  5. That's interesting. Usually people don't mind, and especially if you include a link to their site and thank them in your blog. That does look delicious tho.

  6. Looks yummy!
    Pray all is going well for you.

  7. Strange, I blogged about blueberries tonight (but in French). It was merely an excuse to upload a photo of a cup full of them. This looks delicious.

  8. Hi Nellie...

    I think your dump cake looks yummy, even before it's baked.

    No sharing of the recipe, eh? Hmmmmm. There are a LOT of dump cake recipes out there, Nellie.

    Thanks for your visits. Susan

  9. YUM... That Blueberry Dump Cake sounds and looks terrific. Makes me hungry.

    Thoughts of you...

  10. I might actually post something about a blueberry pudding, you inspired me.

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