Tuesday, August 19, 2014

On down the road....

....because we are headed to the opening day for this:

The Birthplace of Country Music Museum!

We are in Bristol, VA/TN, a "twin city."

One side of the street has the Virginia flag between the American flags.....

.....and the other side of the street has the Tennessee flag alternating with the American flags.

There is also this sign greeting us as we enter town!

Anyway, back to the Museum.  Actually, the picture above was taken from a "wayback machine" in the Museum.

A coming event.

There were many displays.

The development of Appalachia.

Do you remember porches on earlier houses?

A beautiful wall hanging!

The tour through the Museum begins with a video presentation in the auditorium.  From there, entrance to the main displays is located.  There were amazing opportunities to trace and experience the growth of country music.

It was appropriate that we close out our time in Bristol by eating at an original lunch counter.  They stayed open into the evening just for our group.

This is just one half of the counter.

We even merited a special sign on the door!

Whew!  Well, we are finished with our trip to Bristol.  Now we head back to campus to hear a presentation on MoTown Music given by one of the college professors.  It has been a full day, and lots of fun. 

Have I mentioned that I actually lived in Bristol, VA "way back when?":-)  I taught school while I lived there.

We are not finished with More Than A Vacation  yet!  The next post will share some things about the following day.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I love all these photos! You had a really full day, and I'm sure you were past ready for some rest when you were finished! That lunch counter reminds me of Hoskins Drug Store in Clinton, TN, and I'm sure they fed you well. Have a terrific Tuesday, Sister!

  2. Nellie, Oh that country music...Our parents played it and tortured us teens. :0 Now when I hear it,I think of my parents.:) I loved that lunch counter. Somedays it would be so nice to live in that time again. I love the street with all the flags. xoxo,Susie

  3. what a nice time! thanks for taking us with you!

  4. I wish I had a nice porch, like my grandparents had. I remember a couple of counters like that from when I was a young girl, one at the old drug store.

  5. Thanks for the tour and the pictures. I do remember those long counters.

  6. Great photos. Love that lunch counter.

  7. The lunch counter brings back good memories.

  8. Hi there, I didn't know you lived in Bristol at one time. I lived in Big Stone Gap--but Mom's family (on her Dad's side) lived in Bristol, VA (Lindsey Street)... Did you know any Ballards from there? I can't remember if you saw my Bristol post after going there in June... If you missed it, I'll send you a link.

    Sounds like you enjoyed your tour of the Country Music Museum. I never liked country music (or hillbilly music as we called it back then) AT ALL when I was young.

    Our town hosted what was called the Tri-State Singing Convention every year for many years. The Kiwanis Club, which my Dad was a member of, was in charge of one of the big concession stands --and Daddy would work there. People came from all around those mountains for that convention. I would go with Daddy --and was shocked at seeing so many 'really mountain people' there. Groups would sing --and I hated it... But---it was fun to 'people watch' --even as a youngster...


  9. Interesting post, Nellie.
    You make us feel that we are visiting the place with you!
    I love country music.

  10. Hi Nellie ... lots of things to see and do , know you are having fun and thanks for carrying us along , what wonderful memories you have .Thanks for sharing :)

  11. I love the Carter Family street sign. Your area is a place I want to visit. It sounds lovely. Virginia, Maryland, and Missouri are as close as I've gotten.

    And the lunch counter! :)

  12. This looks like such a beautiful little town. And I love that lunch counter. I'll have a burger and a shake!

  13. I like that place and I was in a place that had a lunch counter this weekend. It looks just as inviting as the one in your photo.
    You really had a lovely vacation. So nice you lived in the nice town too.

  14. Sounds like a great time Nellie! Enjoy!

  15. What a pretty little town! It's great the way they embrace their dual-state identity, too.

  16. What a wonderful trip this has been for you. I've enjoyed your pictures so much - thanks for taking us along with you.

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