Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Off to the farm.....

....we go!  What will we be seeing on that farm, you may be wondering. 

An Alpaca farm!

These were very friendly!  Aren't they cute?
 Following are a series of pictures showing other alpacas on this farm.  There are 70 in all!  This is quite a business for the owners of the property.  There is even a "maternity ward" next to the shed in the picture below.

They are really very tame and sweet - IF - they have been treated that way by humans!

Enjoying the field.

More in the distance.
This trip took us from Emory and Henry just a few miles down the road to Meadowview.  We had an opportunity to see first hand how soft alpaca yarn is!

It was so very soft!

More in the basket.

Cord from the second shearing.
We had an opportunity to purchase some items that were made from the alpaca yarn.

Wonderful sweaters!

Wonderful mat!

Such great color!


Yarn to make your own!

I used great restraint and came away with no purchases!

There are other attractions in Meadowview.  More about that in the next post!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Those animals are adorable! I'm sure the owners of that farm are quite busy, just keeping everyone fed, sheared, and happy. Thanks for the great photos, Sister! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. i love alpacas! we wear alpaca socks all winter long.

  3. Now that is a farm I would truly love to visit, alpacas are so adorable and I really would love some of that yarn. It would make lovely hats don't you think? Hug B

  4. I would love that place, and I am impressed with your restraint. I would have come home with so much of that yarn.
    I know some people who I get presents for at Christmas who would have loved that. You really had a nice time didn't you? I can't wait to see more photos.

  5. Oh wow I had no idea that there was alpaca yarn. I wanna feel some!

  6. That was an interesting venture for you. I bet that yarn was soft. When we take Emma home after staying here, we drive by a group of alpacas. I always say, "Oh look, there's the long necked poodles." Emma says," Nana they are not poodles." But she laughs. Blessings for a good day there. We have had a drizzly rain all morning. xoxo,Susie

  7. Such cute animals. I've felt the yarn before. A few people from my old knitting group had some. They say that sweaters made of alpaca yarn stretch a lot. It is nice and soft though.

  8. Alpacas are quite cute. I'd have an alpaca blanket, if there was any.

  9. This looks like a fun trip. All the gifts are very nice and tempting.

  10. Awww, those alpacas are sooo cute. I want to cuddle with one of them...or all of them :)
    And I want to feel the yarn, too! :)

  11. My friend told me about watching the shearing, of "sheep" here locally and everything they go through before it's able to use. Amazing...I'm sure their sale able items were beautiful! Loved the star ornament, especially with the sun light shining on it!

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