Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The first full day....

Happy Tuesday to you!  This is the first full week of August.  Does it look like a busy month ahead?  I know that schools are opening for a new school year in many locations.  That makes it sound like a short summer, doesn't it?

Now - to the first full day of our More Than A Vacation.

The Washington County, VA courthouse.

Just across the street from the courthouse.

Our first trip was to Abingdon, VA, just a short drive from the Emory and Henry campus.  Figaredo's was our first stop.

Outdoor seating was available.

Inside waiting area.

Sparkling kitchen area.

A special meeting room.

Decor on the walls of a larger gathering room.

More posters from Barter productions.

A view of the interior dining room.

 This was such a marvelous setting!  The Husband and I decided this was where we would return for lunch (we were on our own on this day), particularly since the management treated us to tastes of their specialty - Emerald Pizza!

Waiting for us to sample!

It was a really good beginning to the day!:-) 

To include the rest of the day would make this blog post too long, so stay around for the next one!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. This is such an inviting place! That pizza looks wonderful, and I'm sure that you and The Husband had a marvelous meal. Looking forward to your next installment, as always! Have a tremendous Tuesday, Sister!

  2. Hi Nellie , Enjoying your 'More than a Vacation' . Just so relaxing and pass me a slice of that gorgeous pizza . Thanks Nellie , for taking us along on this trip . My kids (4) will be back in school soon and they are excited .(1st to 7th grade) ;-D , thanks for sharing .

  3. It's great that you husband accompany you to these outing. The pizza looks so appetizing.
    Nice and clean buildings to eat in.


  4. Whoa - those Pizzas look outstanding. Looks like a nice place you were/are at too. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us. Will look forward to more adventures tomorrow.

  5. What a lovely place. It all looks so neat and tidy too.

  6. Oh those pizzas look delicious! I am happy with August so far, usually the month draws me to melancholy but not this time.

  7. Nellie, I enjoy outdoor eating, when it's an interesting place. I like how nice the place was. I was not sure if that was a broccoli pizza , or what. But I love fresh made. xoxo,Susie

  8. What a pretty little restaurant. Those pizzas look amazing!

  9. Oh...that pizza looked amazing!

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