Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Wednesday already!  How does time seem to pass so quickly?!?  I hope the week is going well for you.

In the previous post, I featured the beginning of our first full day of More Than A Vacation at Emory and Henry College.  Does anyone suppose I will complete that day with this installment?  I really have a lot of pictures, so it seems to me that this particular day will perhaps extend into even another.:-)

We made a stop at a very nice men's store, owned by an E&H alum!


....and more ties!

A sale!

Quite colorful display.

Isn't this catchy and cute?

It was a good place for The Husband to do some shopping, even with a sale, but he came out with no purchase.

Not so at the next stop we made.  That will have to be the feature for the next post.  As I mentioned earlier, I have LOTS of pictures.:-) 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. This looks like quite a nice store, and I believe I see some of the school colors on some ties and jackets! I'll be interested in seeing what The Husband found compelling in the next shop. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Sister!

  2. I will comment on both posts, the one yesterday was wonderful. I really like looking at all of the places you visited and the things you did. The ties are great.
    I think you must have had a really great time. The weather looks perfect, was it?
    Blogger is not letting me comment for some reason. I was going to just send a email to you then it finally gave me the screen. I tried and tried yesterday but could only get the post underneath yesterdays. Silly blogger.

  3. Nellie, That's a lot of ties. I don't think any man can go wrong with a navy blue sports coat. Can wait to see what he bought. :) xoxo,Susie

  4. Now that's a lot of ties to pick from. : )

  5. Wednesday went really quickly, which I am glad, because I don't like Wednesdays much. So many ties. It reminds me that I need to buy a new suit.

  6. Somehow I can't see my husband buying too many colorful ties jackets and socks either. He kind of like only a few colors as he grow older.

    Looking forward to seeing more photos.

  7. I need some new ties for work - maybe I need to stop at that store :)

  8. Wow what an array of beautiful ties! I can't wait to see hat your hubby find in your next blog!

  9. What a fine shop. The displays are gorgeous.

  10. What a nice looking shop! I always have to persuade my husband to buy new clothes--he would wear the same year after year if I allowed it ;)

    It sounds like your alumni get away was fun, Nellie! Nice to catch up with your tonight.

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