Saturday, September 22, 2012

A bit of green....

There have been several comments made about the signs of fall people are seeing, many having to do with leaves changing color.  One of the signs of fall WE have around here is that "bit" of green!

Spinach mustard!

The Husband has been busily planting greens for the fall.  These seeds have come up just fine, as you are able to see.  He has had to replant some of them, and just recently planted some others.

Kale is my personal favorite!  It always has been.  Dad would plant greens for the fall, too, and kale would be one of them.  I am eagerly awaiting the growth of our greens!

Perhaps this is turnips.  We will eat the tops for greens and roast the turnips.  Maybe they will be ready for Thanksgiving!  I'm hoping, anyway.

So - on this first day of Autumn, I have no picture of leaves changing color, but of the new green that is a true sign of Autumn for us.

We have some other green left in the garden from the summer.

Only a very few tomatoes this size remain; however, the stink bugs are having a heyday!:-(  They were all over the top of this tomato when I took the picture, but I don't think they are easily seen here.

The okra has recently taken a strange shape!  Perhaps that's a sign that it is through producing for the season.  We have enjoyed that southern delicacy - fried okra - this season.:-)

There is a bit of orange around today.  Akron comes to play UT in football this evening, so orange is really the color of the day.:-)  Go Vols!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Your garden continues to flourish. I'm always impressed and a little green with envy.

  2. Green is one of my fave colors! Color of hope, color of $ :-) xo

  3. Kale is one of my favorites. Living surrounded by concrete garden pictures are favorites!

  4. Oh, how I love fresh greens, sauteed just enough to cook them down. I don't even need any lemon juice or vinegar to enjoy them, but I have no problem with a bit of bacon or fatback cooked in them! :-) I will look forward to that wonderful Thanksgiving dinner, not only for the food, but for the fellowship with family members that we don't see often. Tell The Husband to keep that garden growing!! :-)

  5. My Dad loved his garden, I've never planted one... but I do love me some fried okra!

  6. Autumn comes to each of us, in its own colors. :-)

    Roasted turnips. Mmmmmm, that sounds good.

    Would you be so kind as to give your instructions, on roasting veggies? We are trying roasting them, and it's being hit-and-miss. -pout-


  7. I've never thought of fall as a planting season but how wrong I've been. : )

  8. I never do plant a fall/winter garden. I used to when the kids were small but now I never do. Yours looks so nice.
    I have to plant okra next year. My son in law to be loves fried okra.
    He just cracks me up because he is always asking for southern cooking.
    His grand mother lives in Italy. So he grew up on Italian cooking yet he prefers fried okra, cornbread black-eyed peas and greens. It just makes me laugh.
    Have a lovely week Nellie.

  9. I have a few green tomatoes, too. I wonder if they have a chance!