Sunday, September 2, 2012

Around the Community....

Our little community is served by a volunteer fire department.  The present "home" for the fire department in the community is less than ideal, so it was determined that a new fire station would be built!  After quite awhile to gather the funds to finance such a project, this is what we now have:

Two weeks ago....

 Construction began on the new fire station several months ago.  We have been able to watch the steps needed to construct the new station.

A little different today.

I believe you are able to see that progress is being made.  One thing is certain.  Not many days have been lost because of rainy or snowy conditions!

Some of our neighbors.

We brake for geese!!  These geese were ambling across the road one morning as we were out on a couple of errands!  We actually had to stop for them to cross!  They are a beautiful sight as they fly overhead in that "V!"

Well, it is cooking time again!  Tuesday, September 4 is the day I provide lunch for the adult day care participants/staff at our church.   Sounds like some recipes will be coming your way in the next few days.

Another event coming up is our area fair.  I have been known to enter baked goods in this fair in past years, even earning some blue ribbons for my efforts!  Stay tuned!  There may be entries again this year from this kitchen!:-)

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Happy Sunday. Sounds like you will be busy laboring on 9/4. Hugs.

  2. What a wonderful town you live in, Nellie. We have an area here, too, where the geese have the right away. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes for them all to waddle across the road.
    Hope your food project goes well on the 4th. xo Diana

  3. A new fire station for your community. That is wonderful that it all came together.

    The Canadian geese gather in the area between my home and the cemetery. They are inching closer to my back door each day.

  4. They really are making great progress on that firehouse! We have a volunteer fire department here, too, and they are amazing! From time to time, they will be at the major traffic light nearby, collecting donations for their expenses and the upkeep of their trucks. I'm sure your dept. is quite efficient, also, and they deserve any funds that come their way. People don't often realize the training these firefighters go through and the dedication they have, while putting their lives on the line for us several times daily. Kudos to them!! I'll look forward to those upcoming recipes, as always! Oh...I don't think I've ever been in your neighborhood when the geese were around, and I'm sure everyone respects their presence!

  5. Wonderful! A needed project, getting under way.

    Oh those geese are beautiful! Of course you stopped for them. Glad you had your camera, so you could capture them, for us.

    In our city, ducks live in downtown park ponds. And they tend to amble about, here and there. They even stop traffic, on BROADWAY. -grin-


  6. Sounds like a lovely community, Nellie. We need a new fire house, badly!!!

    The geese have been flying in the curious V over heard for days. It's almost like they don't know if they are coming or going which I'm sure they really do!!!

    Thanks for sharing...Can't wait for all those goodies:)

  7. It looks so nice, I love the geese. I would stop too. I hope you are having a nice Labor Day to day Nellie. Have fun cooking.