Monday, September 3, 2012

Something Cooking....

As I write this, Labor Day is winding down.  It has been a rather low-key day here, except that I have been busy with cooking for the adult day care at our church.  I will take the food I have prepared to church around 8:30 tomorrow morning.  Then, after playing bridge at the Senior Center, I will return to have lunch with the group, pick up my things, and head out for a haircut! Busy day ahead tomorrow!

It will be a day or two before today's recipes, though.  Instead, I want to share with you a recipe for the slow-cooker, brought to mind by a conversation on another website.  In fact, I prepared this the day our Muncho family came to visit.  The aroma was wonderful as it cooked all day while I busied myself with other projects.


4 to 5 lb. pork loin roast
salt and pepper
1 clove garlic, sliced (We like garlic, so I used more.)
2 medium onions, sliced
2 bay leaves
1 whole clove
1 cup hot water
2 Tablespoons soy sauce

- Rub pork roast with salt and pepper.  Make tiny slits in meat and insert slivers of garlic.  Place roast in broiler pan; broil 15 to 20 minutes to remove excess fat.
- Put sliced onion in bottom of Crock Pot/Slow Cooker.  Add roast and remaining ingredients.
- Cook on Low setting for 10 hours.

I have had this recipe for years, and I do not remember the source.

One of the advantages of this meal was that there were leftovers!  Barbecue was really good the next day.:-)  I have made my own sauce in times past, but used commercially prepared this time.  With a coupon to pick up a bottle for only $1.00 from an organic market in our town, that was what I decided to use.

Of course, I have no pictures!  Once everyone arrived, and we were ready for dinner, taking pictures was the farthest thing from my mind.:-)

On other matters, we finally have had some slow, steady rainfall earlier today.  The Husband has planted the seeds for our fall crops (greens, root vegetables), so we hope there was enough rain to help those seeds grow!

While many of you may consider Labor Day the end of summer, it is difficult to think fall is with us here.  The weather forecast mentions high temperatures into the low-nineties for this week!  Not much like fall, is it?:-)

Thank you so much for reading.  I appreciate your comments!


  1. I love pork loin roast and this recipe sounds especially delicious. Thank you!

    Still very warm here too.

  2. Hi Nellie!
    That sounds like such a tasty roast!
    You make me want to go over to the store and buy a roast, just so that I can make this recipe *smile.

    It really isn't cooling off here much, in the day time either..
    although, thankfully.. the nights are a bit cooler.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, and wonderful visit today :)


  3. I haven't had pork loin roast in a long time. Since I left the hospital. This sounds like a good recipe.

    I hope we get a bit of rain tonight. I transplanted a whole garden from front to back this weekend and a good rain would help it settle in. xo Diana

  4. We are coming into crockpot season! yahoo.I love to do the prep the day before have the liner in the frig and in the morning get it going.It is so nice to walk into the house after a hard day's work and have dinner done.
    I do my pork roast very close to this.
    have fun tomorrow.

  5. Nellie I sure do hope that we get a crisp Fall and a cold Winter. Last year was sadly warm. Xxo

  6. I'm hanging on to summer here. Love the long days. The recipe looks great. Almost time to get my crockpot going again.

  7. This really does sound wonderful! I might just get out the crockpot and get a pork loin to work with soon! I would probably put a few carrots and potatoes in the pot as well, and I'll bet they would taste heavenly! Thank you for sharing this recipe with us! :-)

  8. Hi Nellie, Your pork roast sounds delicious... We celebrated Labor Day (like we do most holidays) by grilling some steaks... We love steaks but seldom have them --so it is special for us...

    We got a little rain this morning also--but we still need more. Most of the rain this week missed us...


  9. THANK YOU for that crock pot recipe! I think if "I had my druthers", we would eat crock pot meals all fall/winter!!! They rock!!!!!!!!


  10. I may go ahead and make that. I lack crock pot recipes. I think this one looks especially delicious.

  11. Hello Nellie...Roast sound pretty good!

    Hope you are having a good Tuesday.

    Thanks for your very faithful visits to my little blog. Love having you stop by and adore your comments, too. Susan

  12. The pork recipe sounds really tasty!! Hope cooler temps head your way soon!