Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fifteen minutes....

That's the time the instruction sheet indicated would be required to change this:

A bare wall in the kitchen.

To this....

One shelf.

And this....

We added three.

So, since we added three shelves to the wall, that 15 minutes would figure to be 45 minutes, wouldn't it?:-)  Well, The Husband, a really good "handyman," worked on this project for over three hours!  He had to add a brace across the wall to have a good surface for mounting the supports for the shelves.

Now, we have this:

Always changing....

This picture was taken as I began to arrange things on the shelves.  Need I say that they have been changed several times since this picture?!?:-)  I believe you are able to notice the arrangement of Susan Branch cookbooks, though.  They are still featured on the shelf.:-)  We have really been enjoying this addition!

We have been busy with another project, and that will be the focus of the next post. 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate  your comments.


  1. I would love to have those shelves, they look great and I love that they will be ever changing, guess what,, we have the very same stack of Susan Branch cookbooks, I bet you are eagerly waiting for the one she is writing right now as i am!!!!
    Your shelves look perfectly wonderful!

  2. hahaha....if my husband was hanging those it would be 3 days and as soon as i placed something on them they would fall down and take the wall with them! a handyman he is not! they look great!

  3. The shelves look great. Your husband is quite a good handyman.

  4. It looks great! I have 2 susan branch books I just love them.
    I love that you have the option to change with the seasons also.

  5. Looks like the perfect addition. I completely understand the need to arrange items over and over again for the perfect "display". Hugs!

  6. Nellie- Your shelves look wonderful. I have always loved open shelving in a house- I don't have any here. I love Susan Branch, too-xo Diana

  7. The Husband is indeed a marvelous handyman, and you are blessed to have him around! He is also quite the perfectionist, so I'm sure those shelves will stay where they are, no matter what you put on them. Congratulations on a job well done!!

  8. love the shelves and im sure it will be never ending redecorating.. always fun to putter. love all your treasures!

  9. Hi Nellie,
    I love your shelves. I had to laugh that it took 3 hours. Isn't that the way it goes.
    My husband is pretty handy too and it always takes way longer than the directions say.
    The shelves look really great. I love them with all of your things arranged on them. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Oh Nellie.. I just love these shelves, your husband did an amazing job! Especially love the SB books!