Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Popular request....

In this post, by popular request, I will share the recipe I used for the Pineapple Casserole served to the adult day care participants and staff at my church.

Just out of the oven!

It was the first time I had made this recipe, and I was pleased with the simple way everything worked together.:-)  While I have done complicated dishes many times in the past, that is not what I am about when I am preparing this lunch.:-)  I prepare for 20.


2 (14 1/2-oz.) cans chunk pineapple
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 cup sugar
3 Tablespoons plain flour
Cheese cracker crumbs (I used Cheez-It) to cover the pineapple
Melted butter, enough to drizzle over the top

- Drain pineapple. (I saved the juice for The Husband to enjoy!)
- Combine flour and sugar.
- Mix pineapple, flour mixture, and cheese together.  Place in an oblong baking dish sprayed with cooking spray.
- Top with cheese cracker crumbs.  Drizzle with melted butter.   Bake at 350 degrees F for 20-30 minutes.  Serves six to eight.

I found this recipe in our most recent UMW cookbook. 

Other recipes are forthcoming. 

Thank you for reading.  Your comments are really appreciated.


  1. Wow, people are baking yummy desserts today. Is it the feeling of fall in the air?? It is a good time for things from the oven.xo, Susie

  2. A classic "pot luck" dish, Nellie. Kudos to you!!! You did GREAT!!!

    Thanks for sharing...

  3. This really sounds easy and delicious!! I just might have to try it for a church dinner soon! It reminds me of a VERY simple salad I used to make for a friend who was quite picky. Just a leaf of lettuce on a plate, with slice or two of canned pineapple topped with a few sprinkles of mild cheddar cheese...she always thought I went to a lot of trouble, but you can see how simple it is to do! If I were feeling fancy, I would put a maraschino cherry in the middle of the cheese, but that certainly was not necessary! Sometimes, simple is best, I firmly believe! :-)

  4. Oh My Goodness.... I copied that recipe... I would love it... Think I'll use Splenda since I am watching my weight...

    Thanks so much.

  5. This is a totally different recipe than I have. I really like the addition of cheese. I definitely will try this. Thank you.

  6. Gosh, Nellie, that sounds good. Never heard of pineapple in a casserole with cheese before. Sounds yummy.

    Thanks for your visits and comments! Always happy when you stop by. Susan

  7. I am saving this because I know my family is going to LOVE this..and the grand kids will for sure!!!! xo Diana

  8. THANK YOU for giving this recipe!!! It sounds delicious and easy. MY kind of baking. :-))))

    'Cause I am a lazy baker. I admit it. :-)

    Gentle hugs,