Saturday, September 15, 2012


It seems that it doesn't really take much for me to begin some sort of collection.:-)  Perhaps that is the same with some of you.

I have mentioned previously that I have a liking of strawberry-themed items in the kitchen.  Also, I believe I've mentioned that I enjoy browsing through antique stores.  Several different such shopping trips were required through the years for me to "build" this collection.


Are you able to see that there are strawberries decorating the outside of these items?  That is the first - and only - reason I was drawn to them.  It was a "learning moment" when someone at one of the shops mentioned McCoy Pottery!  Now, I had no knowledge that McCoy Pottery is desired by some collectors.  I was just interested in the strawberry trimming them!  Only two of the pieces are marked with the McCoy engraving - the pitcher in the middle and the small teapot on the right.  I'm sure the other pieces are reproductions, but that is no bother to me.  We have enjoyed using these pieces through the years, and I'm sure a cookie jar - or two - will be placed in a more accessible location on occasion.:-)  We often use the pitcher as well.

It was really good of The Husband to take time in his gardening schedule to help take care of these recent projects.  He has had some other things underway recently, and that will be the subject of the next post.

Thank you so much for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I am making every effort to start no more collections. My biggest is paper weights and a good part of shelf space is devoted to them. The pottery is lovely.

  2. I have enjoyed looking at your different strawberry-themed items. At one time, they were quite easy to find, but are now quite rare, as you have noticed. It's been interesting to me to see all the different designs for that one simple little berry! I still find myself noticing such items when I'm shopping, but there seems to be more emphasis on apples, roosters, and cows these days! Perhaps I'll find a cow eating a strawberry sometime! Now, THAT would be a novelty! Looking forward to your next project update!

  3. I love your strawberry pieces, Nellie. It is amazing how collectible McCoy has become. I have a friend that collect McCoy apple items. She's been collecting for about 25 years now and has a huge collection. She uses it everyday xo Diana

  4. Seems like life has been especially busy for you lately.
    I like the new shelving in your kitchen holding your pretty pottery and Susan Branch cook books.
    Have a good week. Betty

  5. You have a Strawberry Theme going in your kitchen! That is sweet. I love it, when I read of people who have such... Like cherries or something. I never figured one out.

    But then, I suppose that's good. Since I'm not a collector.

    But hooray for your wanting to collect, to have produced a couple of collectable pieces!!!


  6. Oh Nellie..of course we all love to collect But.i do love your collection! I have some of the old Jewel Tea items. They were my Grandmothers and each is pretty in itself! I will have to photograph them also..great idea for a blog.


  7. Such sweet strawberry pieces. A lovely collection, Nellie.