Sunday, September 16, 2012

As promised....

The pictures are definitely not the best.  Hopefully they will show you of another project that has been keeping The Husband busy.

Sweet potatoes...

....and more! 

These are not the only ones The Husband dug in the garden.  We have already eaten some of them, and there is another basket of smaller ones.  I was having difficulty with the lighting taking these pictures, so I decided not to try for another one.:-)  As you are able to see, they are rather large.  Some of you probably do very tasty things with sweet potatoes when you prepare them, but our favorite way is just to simply bake them, sometimes in wedges, and eat them just like that!  It's almost like eating candy!:-)

I have no picture of another of The Husband's projects.  He has planted some fall crops, and some of the greens are already coming up!  Last week, he tilled the soil again where the seeds had not grown, and he has planted a second time.  That is not unusual.  Often, some of the seeds for greens do not come up, for some reason.  We are fond of fall crops and are hoping for success with their growth so we will be able to include them on our Thanksgiving table. 

I believe I mentioned earlier that I won a couple of second place ribbons for breads at the Fair.  It must be about time for a recipe, and that will come in the next post.

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh, I totally agree about the sweet potatoes, especially fresh from the garden or the store. Bake 'em, put a bit of butter on 'em, and they make a wonderful breakfast or lunch, just as they are!! Now, I have been known to make a pie or two out of the canned ones, and that's not a bad way to eat them, either, although the extra ingredients take away some of the health benefits, I suppose. I'll look forward to sharing those wonderful greens with you at Thanksgiving, too---they are always delicious!! Looking forward to some of those recipes, as everyone else is!

  2. Wow, Nellie - big doings at your place. New shelves and a new color in the living room! It's exciting, isn't it? And you folks seem to know so much about gardening.

  3. I'm so envious of your ever-producing garden. Sweet potatoes are a favorite at our house. Good for you!

  4. YOur own veggies!!!!!!

    Could you put what you want to take a pic of, closer to some light source?

    Does your camera have a Flash ability? I don't usually like Flash, but sometimes, it is really needed. To get the full effect.

    What kind of camera are you using?

    Wow, I sound nosy, don't I? -grin- I love taking pics. I love to see others, have fun, taking pics. I'd love to help others, get more fun out of taking pics. :-)

    Please don't be upset with me, for asking and etc.


  5. Bless your heart! Nellie, I love that you two have so many veggies. I am a lazy person. I wish I were not. :-)

  6. I wish we had planted sweet potatoes but I think the heat would have got them so I guess it is just as well.
    I do like them baked. I almost like them just as well cold after they are cooked. Weird I know but kind of like a banana. :)