Sunday, September 23, 2012

On this day.... 1908, my mother was born.

Very young....

With my grandparents....

A little older....

Still later....

Her handiwork.

My mother was an only child, though she did have a cousin or two around at times.  I tried my hand at embroidery when I was younger.  The one and only project I began is still around, unfinished, in a storage tin, with no hope of being completed.  This towel hangs on display on the washstand.

She was not to have a long life as the other women in her family.  While her mother (my grandmother) lived to be 91, Mother was only 74 years old when she passed away.  Not a day goes by that her presence is not felt, and it has been 29 years.  She had a kind and gentle spirit, one I would like to possess.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh, that is where you got your love and I love her needlework ...just beautiful!


  2. I love looking at these pictures of our mother during her childhood. She overcame a lot during those years, and became a very understanding lady, partly because of all she had to overcome. I also wish I had more of her graciousness and gentility, and the capacity she had to find something good about everyone she ever met, no matter how wicked and worthless others saw them. I still miss her, too, and have put a picture of her on my Facebook cover for today. I'm sure she is resting in peace and singing with the angels. We'll see her again, you know!! :-) Love you, Sister!

  3. Nellie, this is a beautiful tribute for your mother. She was a lovely lady.

    I have several unfinished items I didn't finish that have been stored or thrown away.

    Thank you for the prayers. I know that God does listen.


  4. Beautiful pictures. My mother was wonderful at all kinds of handwork and I treasure the needlepoint and knitting that I have. She passed away at 75, which was way too young. I hope to be as kind and giving as she was.

  5. Nellie, What treasures! Wonderful to have such memories. Anna

  6. Hello Nellie...What a nice recollection of your Mama. Thanks for sharing all the photos, too.

    You are a very faithful Follower, too. I appreciate all your visits and comments on my blog.

    Have a nice Tuesday! Susan

  7. I so enjoyed seeing those pictures. I always do when my friends publish family pictures. I feel that I know them all the better. I also loved seeing her embroidery. Mine used to do that and I did too, till I was in my early 30's. Too busy after that with three sons and other things and then, work.


  8. such a sweet post! my mother died when i was little. she was only 40. she lived longer than any of the other women in her family.

  9. You know I think that is just something you never get over. I know that even though my Mom was only 30 when she passed away and it has been a long time now, I may not grieve but I still miss her like it was yesterday. I am glad you shared about her today.