Friday, September 14, 2012

Another project....

It seems that, once one project is accomplished around the house, another one calls.:-)  At least, that is what happened here recently. 

Can you see what is underway?

Two-tone wall?

Yes!  We have painted the living room!  The original color was the off-white, and we have now painted the walls taupe!  It appears that it is pink that we are painting, but that wasn't the case.

Needs a bit of centering.

 This is the project complete.  We actually relocated a couple of pieces of furniture, so it really looked like we were moving for a couple of days!  Also, there is nothing like a picture to show just what needs to be better positioned!  The picture has been moved higher, and the oil lamps - one from The Husband's home when he was younger, and the other from my home when I was younger (Sister, do you recognize it?) - have been moved to a better position on top of the pie safe.  Also, I'm sorry the paint color doesn't show up well here.  It has really made a huge difference!

Incidentally, the pie safe is a piece from my grandmother's home.  I remember it very well when I was younger, and I'm sure my sister does, too.

You may have noticed a bit of a "collection" on one of the shelves featured in a previous post.  I'll deal with that in the next post.

Thank you so much for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Nothing like fresh paint to spruce a house up. I had two kerosene lamps from our farm and I gave them both to my brother because I knew he really wanted them.

    Blessings xo Diana

  2. I keep looking at my walls wondering if I dare tackle it.
    I love your oil lamps and the picture. My Mom had one like that in her house. I also liked using oil lamps when the power went out.
    I like the way it looks.
    It is so nice to stop in for a visit, you sure have been busy.

  3. Oh, yes, I remember those oil lamps, and I still have one here as well! That pie safe is also embedded in my memory, as it has held so many different items during its lifetime. I do like the new color, and I think it will add much to the character of the entire room. That picture looks somewhat familiar, too, but we'll discuss that privately. You have a real knack for displaying your lovely collections, and I look forward to seeing this arrangement in person soon!

  4. Oh I love the new looks so pretty and fresh! Always like the oil lamps we have a couple of them also, we always thought they'd come in handy if the electric went off in the (I hope we never need to test them


  5. Paint colors...... And how they look, when we try to show them, on our blog... -sighhhh- Me-thinks it just about can't be done. -repeat sigh-

    All that matters is, that it makes you happy, to look around at it.

    Oh those family antiques. So happy they have a safe and loving home. So happy!!!!!!


  6. Painting is on my list, but it's a big project and I keep putting it off. May do the kitchen next spring. Thanks for some inspiration.