Friday, August 28, 2020

Another Friday....

 We have reached another Friday, and it’s time for that Friday list of things I love.

1)  I love walking on the beach.

This is from last year at Aquinnah on Martha’s Vineyard.  We had a wonderful family vacation to Cape Cod and took the ferry for Martha’s Vineyard for a day.

2)  I love pizza!

Of course, you knew that I’d make it to food, didn’t you?  When I went to college in the fall of 1958, I had never even had a taste of pizza!  I have a good recipe that uses the food processor to make the dough....enough for four pizzas.  It freezes very well in a freezer bag.  While I have been known to also make my own pizza sauce, Rao’s is an excellent choice at the grocery!

3)  I love reading in bed.  No picture for this one, though this time of day is one that I anticipate all day long!  I’m currently rereading Jan Karon’s series at bedtime.  They leave me with a feeling of comfort and calmness.

4)  I love the new hummingbird feeder that was a gift from family.

If you look closely, you’ll be able to see that first visitor!

5)  I love the sunsets that we have here.

Each evening brings a new view!

Sending you good wishes for the weekend ahead.  Be safe, and stay well!


  1. I'm sure you know I love pizza too. : ) I did see that first visitor. I enjoyed the Jan Karon series too. I'm reading the Thrush series by Miss Read now and it reminds me of the Karon books.

  2. Good evening, Sister! I pretty much love any kind of food - except beets - I know of their nutritional value, but just can't get past that "dirt" taste any way they're fixed. Oh, well....I do love me some pizza now and then, and yours looks delightful! I'm also fond of East Tennessee sunsets, and I hope to be able to witness them soon. Your little visitor looks quite content at your feeder, and I'm sure he/she told friends of your location. Have a calm evening and stay well. Love you!

  3. Lovely five on Friday. I love pizza too! Especially one that was made for me, now that's a treat indeed. Like Happyone, I also love the Miss Read Thrush Green books, and also Fairacre. Gentle, country living.

  4. You have a lovely view from your home, Nellie. The hummingbird is so sweet getting ready for a sweet drink. And the pizza looks great! Comfort reads calm our souls. Just what we need these days.