Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday’s list....

 How is your mood today?  Are you welcoming a weekend?  Do you have something different planned?Are you feeling a bit “low,” perhaps?  What do you do to lift yourself out of a low mood?

Thinking about this list of things I love has turned my focus on pleasant memories.  That may help us rise above the “blues.”

1)  I love “The Sound of Music!”  I must have seen the movie dozens of times!  I love the music, and Julie  Andrews is a favorite!  No picture for this one, though.

2)  I love “brown paper packages tied up with string!”  

  Doesn’t this just spread a festive mood?!?

3)  I love Mount Airy, North Carolina!  The Husband and I visited there in 2018 and have a return trip on our list!  

Sobota Manor was an amazing Bed and Breakfast!  If you were a fan of Andy Griffith’s television show, you will love visiting Mt. Airy!  

4)  I love to shop in antique stores!

This elegant chocolate set did not come home with me, however!

5)  I love that I’ve been able to be a Kids Hope, USA mentor!  Kids Hope is a mentoring program that has been sponsored in the local elementary school by a church in the community for more than ten years!  The spring usually includes a group activity; unfortunately, it had to be cancelled this year due to the virus.  The following pictures are from the previous year.

The Kids Hope children have a great time with the games, food (pizza, cookie, ice cream), and a photo booth!  This school year begins with an added awareness regarding the virus, and mentors will not be going into the school for sometime into the future.  What a difficult time for all of us, particularly the children!

How are you keeping your spirits from sagging?  Are you able to focus on the good that surrounds you?  Are you able to keep in touch with friends?  While you may not be able to be with them face-to-face, a text, an e-mail, a card in “snail mail,” or a telephone call are all good ways to stay connected.  

Take care of yourself!  Be safe!  Stay well!


  1. Nellie, That gorgeous tea set. Amazing. Lots of fun stuff in that town. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. We are fine and dandy. Walking and keeping busy with our projects around Happy Trails keeps us happy and thankful.
    We have a Mount Airy here in MD too.

  3. It's always fun to visit antique shops ... but of course masks are a necessity these days.

    All the best Jan

  4. Enjoyed your post, Nellie! And I loved that chocolate set. It would be so elegant to sip a cup of hot chocolate. I love Sound of Music too, and so many of those tunes still come to mind after all these years. It's part of our DNA now, I think. Haven't been in an antique shop for quite a while, but we have lots of lovely pieces from shopping at such venues over the years.

    I try to keep Blaise Pascal's words in mind: "In difficult times carry something beautiful in your heart." Visiting lovely blogs, reading comforting passages from the Psalms or inspiring books, watching favourite movies like Enchanted April or Pride & Prejudice, writing notes to encourage others, making a special treat for tea or dessert .... all help keep my own spirits buoyed in low seasons. Praying helps too.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Brenda xo

  5. This was a wonderful blogpost. Loved getting to know you and all you love and hearing about you mentoring. It is important to focus on happy things and being grateful for what we do have. I love the SoM too. I went to Vermont last year and got to go to the Von Trapp Lodge. They had a graveyard with most of the family there. Nature reallybhelps lift me and ibtry to work some self care in every day. I luv antiquing. Maybe i will go thru some of my treasures and relive my finds💞❤ tha k you for all your great ideas! Xo

  6. Well, Sister, I KNOW I made a comment earlier, but for some reason, it's not showing up?? I'll just repeat that I love all of your five things, and I'd love to visit Mt. Airy some day when the coast is clear. Love you!

  7. Such a happy post. Lots of lovely things to love, except the price tag on that chocolatier set of course.

  8. Mt. Airy would be a fun spot to visit one day, Nellie. We quote Barney and Andy around here often! My mood has its ups and downs these days, but I try very hard to focus on the many blessings that surround me.

  9. Great post...there are some horrible things going on in this country and the world and we need to take moments to be happy and at peace. Have a great day.