Monday, August 24, 2020

There was dessert....

As The Husband says, “A good meal is not complete without dessert!”  Taking the lead from someone who has said, “Eat dessert first!”, this is what was ready....

“Hmm....”, you may be saying.  “This looks like last week’s dessert!”  Well, the unveiling will wait until the end of this post!  Once again, however, it was meringue-making during a rainy day with high humidity!

The weekend included a live-streaming District United Methodist Women Social Action event dealing with the problem of Human Trafficking.  I am missing the opportunities to gather with other United Methodist Women as we become more aware of issues of our times.  It was good to be able to watch this presentation via technology.

Sunday Lunch was this....

This was the first time I have tried roasting grapes, and they were delicious!  Also, I usually don’t have any kind of topping for salmon....except perhaps a lemon slice or two....and this was really good with a Dijon mustard/mayo blend, kosher salt and pepper added!

Now....under that meringue....

Using a ready-made walnut crust (already in the pantry), I made this chocolate filling which uses condensed milk (also, already in the pantry).  It made for a very tasty combination!  One of these days, I will be motivated to try meringue when it isn’t raining and see if that makes a difference in the weeping.

A new week is ahead....sending wishes for all good things to you!  


  1. Chocolate Meringue Pie! How creative and delicious! I use Dijon a lot. I'm glad you're getting church meetings on line. Now my church is open again for service, they have stopped broadcasting live, which is unfortunate.

  2. Oh, Sister!! You know how I am with chocolate, and this looks fabulous! Not such a fan of salmon, and haven't tried roasted grapes (probably couldn't leave them alone long enough to roast them!), but everything looks delicious! I know how you feel about missing the personal feel of meeting with those who care about the issues that mean a lot to you, too. Some day, when this "thing" is over, we'll appreciate having those meetings more. Love you!

  3. I was hoping there was chocolate hiding under that meringue, Nellie. It's nice to have a well stocked pantry to whip up such yummy food for special meals. I don't know what we would all do without technology to keep us connected.

  4. Oh my Oh Pie! Love the chocolate meringue with the walnut crust. It looks absolutely yummy.

  5. Nellie, I've never heard of roasted grapes, but it sounds delicious, and I've never tried a mix of mayo and dijon on salmon, but again - sounds so good, too. I can imagine that the two together were scrumptious! What is in the casserole dish to the side? I now want to jump into the picture for a late night supper!