Friday, August 7, 2020

Five Things on Friday....

 Wishes for a good day to everyone on this Friday!  It’s time for that list of five things I love.  Since I experienced a bit of stress in the last post with inserting my pictures with text to follow, in this one....and posts to follow (until I figure it all out)....the pictures will follow all my text. we go with those five things!

1)  I love my family!  The picture shown is one that has been posted before on the blog.  It is of the time on July 12 that they were here for a backyard camp out, their idea.  Prior to that, it had been last December since we had all been together, and I honestly had wondered if we would be able to gather again.

2)  I love my church!  Of course, the church is not a building.  We are the church; however, the fellowship of believers is important to me.  The picture shown was taken sometime ago and before the service began on that Sunday.  Currently, our church is closed to in-person worship, and worship is online.  

3)  I love rainbows!  The picture shown was taken in early evening just this week!  I can remember from my past years how excited I was to see a rainbow!

4)  I love Emory and Henry College, my alma mater!  It was the fall of 1958 when I began my freshman year on a campus I had never seen before.  Times were different then, and there had been no campus visit prior to enrolling.  Our three daughters also chose to attend Emory and Henry, making it very possible to have family reunions during special events!  When they were students there, The Husband and I served on the Parents Council.  We return to campus several times during the year.  The picture is one of the marching band prior to Homecoming 2019.  This year, sadly, we will have “Homestaying.”

5)  I love birthdays, even mine!  The pictures that follow illustrate a couple of birthday celebrations, one when we were able to be with others, and one when we were home.

I have composed this part of this post; now it’s time to attempt those pictures!  I’m hopeful that all will work fine.  I’m not deleting this and starting all over!:-)

That much was successful!  Yay!!  And....I’ve begun typing text below the pictures!  Not sure what happened on that last post!

Time to wish you a good weekend!  I hope you have something that is relaxing planned!


  1. I had trouble with the typing below the pictures today. I discovered it was because the words somehow made a link to the picture. I deleted the link and it worked fine.
    When you said you had trouble yesterday I thought it was with the caption.

  2. Whether the photo follows the text or not, I enjoyed your post today, learning a little of what you love. Those birthday cakes look fabulous. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Nellie!

    Bren xo

  3. One of the reasons I have enjoyed getting to know you, Nellie, is hearing your grateful heart express gratitude. What lovely times you have enjoyed and appreciate.

  4. Good evening, Sister! It's so good to see all these things you love, because I love those things in my own life as well. I especially love the looks of those cakes! Chocolate gets me every time! Your family is delightful, and I miss seeing them except on Facebook, but our time will come - eventually. I remember your days at E & H as well; you worked hard to pay for your education, and I think that's one reason you're so grateful for what you have. Love you!

  5. Well, you did it! I may endeavour to wrestle with it this weekend myself. Such a happy, positive post, and oh! that rainbow, why it looks as if God just smudged His paintbrush making it even more creative and special.

  6. I have spent way to much time on my last two posts and pictures. I am glad you were able to post. Yes, I like all of the things you like too. Our church is meeting outside on the lawn right now. Not perfect but it works. We are after all the body and we don't need a building. Have a wonderful day. Your cakes are so pretty.